Request for Classification Review

The Position Review Request form has been developed by Total Rewards/Compensation to assist employees in requesting a review of their position. It is designed to be filled out by the employee in the position or it may be filled out by the manager if the position is vacant or new duties have been assigned. The information provided will be used to document the roles, responsibilities and requirements of the position and to determine if the current classification, or some other classification, is appropriate.

Revisions were made to the Position Review Request form in order to capture as much information as possible. The questions cover the areas of information needed to better understand the position under review. Obtaining additional information from the start will help Total Rewards/Compensation to process requests more quickly.

Generally, a position review will only be conducted if there have been significant changes in the position since it was last reviewed or the current classification is clearly not appropriate given the nature and scope of the job at the present time. Position reviews will not be conducted solely on the basis of a market adjustment request, increased workload or individual work performance.

When a position review is conducted, it will involve communication with the employee and the employee’s manager to gather additional information. At the conclusion of the position review, a job classification report will be published indicating the findings and recommendations. Employees will be notified in writing of the outcome of the position review. If a job review results in a finding that an employee has been working at a higher classification level, the reclassification will be made retroactive to the beginning of the first pay period following the date was electronically received with Total Rewards/Compensation Team.

Procedure and Form

  1. The Position Review Request form is designed to allow you to type directly into the document. If you want to include information you cannot “fit” in the space provided please attach additional documentation as necessary.
  2. It is important to send it through AODocs PASS to obtain the required signatures for approval, adding as the final recipient. Please note, the questionnaire is considered complete when all approvals are obtained, from both employees and managers.

Please contact Total Rewards/Compensation at if you have questions.