Treasury Analyst

  • Title: Treasury Analyst
  • Class: Academic Professional
  • Exempt Status: Exempt
  • Level: 5

Nature and Scope of Work

Under the general direction of the Bursar/Treasury Manager, conducts the College’s cash management and debt service functions. Buys and sells money market instruments for investment of portfolio and bond proceeds. Ensures that investment holdings meet daily liquidity requirements and fully comply with all applicable regulations, statutes, Board policies, and investment standards. Analyzes and prepares management reports for various treasury functions. Interacts with district management on financial issues and multiple external organizations including financial institutions, investment brokers and dealers, regulatory agencies, the State of Oregon, accounting, audit, financial and legal experts, credit rating agencies and various professional organizations.

Distinguishing Characteristics

The position facilitates the College’s banking-related operations by providing knowledge, advice, research, problem-solving and analysis, and contributes to control of the College’s cash and investments by tracking and reporting cash management and investment data.

Principal Accountabilities

  1. Serves as primary liaison between financial service providers and the College. Coordinates bank selection process. Provides ongoing technical assistance and information to corporate banking officers, Associate Vice President of Finance and Bursar/Treasury Manager. Resolves discrepancies or issues regarding cash management or banking functions; maintains ongoing business relationships with banking institutions. Researches and coordinates implementation of new cash management products and procedures. Recommends improvements in cash management function.
  2. Initiates timely electronic payment of taxes; debt service; and investment purchases. Transfers funds between PCC bank accounts, investment dealers, and the Local Government Investment Pool as required.
  3. Buys and sells investment instruments in compliance with College investment standards and ORS 294.035.Monitors investment and portfolio performance; prepares monthly investment portfolio and benchmarking reports for senior management. Monitors investment holdings and securities market for changes that may affect the College’s portfolio and makes adjustments as necessary to enhance earnings and/or reduce risk; maintains ongoing relationships with investment brokers.
  4. Participates in the sale and refunding debt issues. Provides supporting reports and documentation to management, financial advisors and bond counsel as required.  Provides analysis and recommendations on strategies for investment of bond sale proceeds.  Implements portfolio analytical systems for bond investments and reporting focusing on risk, compliance, and performance.  Produces bond earning reports; monitors and reports bond fund balances.
  5. Coordinates the collection of data with finance and bond personnel for the purpose of arbitrage compliance and reporting.
  6. Coordinates and performs accounting of investment functions in accordance with GASB standards; completes journal entries to record investment transactions; monthly and quarterly allocation of interest earnings; calculation of investment amortization or accretion and accruals; and portfolio valuation.
  7. Downloads daily transaction activities for multiple bank accounts. Monitors accounts and notifies bank and public safety officials of all fraudulent activity. Reconciles investment account and local government investment pool accounts and supports monthly reconciliation of multiple bank accounts.
  8. Analyzes institutional cash flow to ensure that funds are optimally utilized and available for daily expenditures. Provides regular benchmarking and management reports and makes recommendations for improvement.
  9. Provides leadership in designing and implementing technical and process improvements to the College’s cash management function, including float optimization, maximization of portfolio earnings, and acceleration of cash collection.
  10. Provides lead direction to Senior Office Assistant, including training, coordination and review of work related to treasury function; participates in performance evaluation.
  11. Coordinates treasury role in the testing and implementation of upgrades.
  12. Provides support to finance management and staff in project implementation and preparation of various analyses requested by the President and Executive Officers.
  13. Maintains an awareness of changing regulatory requirements and provides management updates.
  14. Maintains and updates treasury desk manual; assists with the development and documentation of internal control functions for the treasury function.
  15. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Work Environment

Work is performed in an office environment. Occasional extended work hours for special projects and end of the year audit preparation is required.

Physical Requirements

Minimal physical exertion is generally required with occasional lifting and carrying of report logs, file boxes and boxes of canceled checks.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree required in Finance, Accounting, Economics or related field. Relevant experience may substitute for the degree requirement on a year-for-year basis. Three years experience working with cash management and/or investments.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of:
  • Knowledge of banking products, procedures and policies.
  • Knowledge of principles, practices and legal precedents governing commercial banking relationships.
  • Knowledge and understanding of investment accounting, cash management, and general accounting principles as they are interpreted by GAAP and GASB.
  • Knowledge of the College’s business streams to optimize profits, procedures and best practices.
  • Knowledge of principles, practices, methods, techniques and terminology used in treasury management.
  • Knowledge of spreadsheet software and treasury management software.
  • Knowledge of federal, state and local laws and regulations related to assigned area.
Skills in:
  • Skill in operating a computer and various software/database applications.
  • Skill in managing and optimizing effective relationships with multiple external organizations.
  • Skill in effectively communicating complex financial information verbally and in writing.
  • Skill in analyzing and summarizing financial data, financial statements and preparing benchmark reports.
  • Skill in researching and supporting the implementation of state of the art treasury technical tools.
Ability to:
  • Ability to perform analytical-related activities including cash flow projections, yield curve and market analysis, and preparation of management information reports.
  • Ability to exercise judgment related to changes in projects and market conditions.
  • Ability to implement relevant compliance measures, audit standards and treasury policies.
  • Ability to accurately forecast cash to meet short term and long term requirements.
  • Ability to invest the College’s portfolio optimally for various funds which complying with Oregon Revised Statutes, federal regulations and Board policies.
  • Ability to define issues, analyze problems, evaluate alternatives and develop sound conclusions and recommendations.
  • Ability to conduct research on products and procedures.
  • Ability to review financial reports/data and recognize and report significant variances from established parameters.
  • Ability to perform complex mathematical calculations and analyses and prepare clear, concise and comprehensive financial and treasury statements, reports and written material.
  • Ability to plan, organize and lead projects of varying complexity.

Reviewed: 12/2018

  • Revised: 1/2010
  • Replaces: 12/21/2000