Records and Enrollment Services Coordinator

  • Title: Records and Enrollment Services Coordinator
  • Class: Academic Professional
  • Exempt Status: Exempt
  • Level: 4

Nature and Scope of Work

Under the direction of Enrollment Services Management, performs professional level duties in researching, analyzing and resolving complex student and technical issues related to admission, registration, records and graduation requirements. The position provides maintenance and critical analysis for systems processes and regulatory compliance including accuracy and integrity of student records (both paper and electronic formats).  Functions as the technical expert regarding the academic record.

Principal Accountabilities

  1. Interprets and provides critical analysis for Enrollment Services policies, procedures, compliance and technical review of work processes. Researches, analyzes and evaluates a variety of complex data, information and statistics regarding admission, registration, records and graduation for online processes, telephone helpline, and direct services.  Summarizes findings in applicable reports or other communication mediums.
  2. Collaborates with staff, faculty, administrators and internal departments to research and resolve complex student issues related to admission, registration, records and graduation.  Presents this information to a variety of audiences as appropriate. Collaborates with staff, faculty, administrators and internal departments to research and resolve complex student issues related to admission, registration, records and graduation.  Presents this information to a variety of audiences as appropriate.
  3. Develops and delivers initial and ongoing training for all Enrollment Services staff and faculty in the use of technical processes for grading, registration, auditing and other student records functions. Training methods include over-the-shoulder/individual, and classroom based.  Creates, maintains and revises all training material via handbooks, process documentation and web-based storage for faculty and department chairs.
  4. In collaboration with the Registrar, monitors compliance with government regulations to ensure that FERPA and Gramm, Leach & Bliley standards are adhered to.  Assists in the oversight of the retention, security and confidentiality of student records.
  5. Runs specialty reports to determine compliance of athletes, international students, veterans and students with academic progress challenges.  Provides reports for management and works directly with the Registrar to ensure compliance with federal, state and other regulations.
  6. Audits the electronic record via reports and spot check auditing of student record data. Runs reports to direct the necessary maintenance of the online information that is input by faculty and notifies both faculty and the Registrar of inconsistencies so that reviews for quality control can be performed to maintain compliance.
  7. Functions as the system gatekeeper by approving requests for new accounts, special access and removing inactive accounts as requested by the Registrar.  Provides research and diagnoses from a “systems” perspective and assists in designing strategic plans, goals and recommendations for admissions, dual enrollment, registration products, graduation tools and student records.  Coordinates the testing of technical processes for student module upgrades in the admissions, registration, records and graduation areas.  Maintains and updates the system specific rules and procedures required for the operation of the academic history and other areas of the student record.
  8. Supports the Registrar and Assistant Registrar in their roles as Banner data custodians for admissions, registration and records division which includes building and maintaining tables that operate products, student access and academic rules.
  9. Supports the Registrar’s functions of the degree audit system by providing regular updates to the registrar rules, academic policies and other functions of degree audit that are categorically bound within the student records department.
  10. Assists with the coordination of graduation/commencement activities.  Oversees mass application process, targeted electronic communication to graduates and large report generation regarding possible graduates.
  11. Assists the Registrar in processing confidential information requests including government issued subpoenas, grand jury subpoenas, Patriot Act requests and other information requests requiring specific protocols for confidential handling of student documentation.
  12. Coordinates and performs all technical processes of the admissions, registration and student records system by running Banner processes and managing the operational schedule for Enrollment Services.  Acts as a “super user” for the technical functions required for electronic data exchange and diploma processing.
  13. Supports the Registrar in the continuing effort to improve the end-user system interface for grading, grade changes, degree audit and other technical functions that faculty and students use.  Tests system upgrades and acts as a resource for providing solutions to technical training and problem resolution.  Performs grade changes as necessary.
  14. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Work Environment and Physical Requirements

Work is performed in a standard office environment.  Exposure to video display terminals occurs on a regular basis. Work pressure from deadlines and daily interruptions of workflow are expected and occur on a regular basis.

Minimal physical effort is required. Learned physical skill is required to perform keyboarding functions.

Minimum Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree in Administration, CIS, Communications, Education, Student Services, or related field. Experience performing related duties may substitute for the degree requirement on a year-for-year basis. Three years of responsible experience in a student services area applying policies, procedures, federal and state regulations as they relate to student records and experience coordinating staff on work projects and activities.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Knowledge of:
  • Student services relevant and/or applicable to assigned area;
  • computerized student information systems and record storage;
  • legal requirements and security needs of student records including FERPA and Red Flag regulations;
  • applicable Federal, State and local laws and regulations;
  • computers and applicable software applications;
  • compliance policies and procedures and strategies for resolution of related issues;
  • auditing and research methods;
  • customer service principles.
Skills in:
  • Analyzing, researching and resolving problems;
  • coordinating staff and dealing with difficult situations;
  • operating technology, desk top computing and applicable software;
  • interpreting and applying state and federal laws and regulations;
  • project management and independent problem solving;
  • developing and delivering training;
  • analyzing statistical information,
  • summarizing findings and preparing reports.
Ability to:
  • Analyze problems, identify effective solutions and project consequences of proposed actions and implement solutions to resolve complex student records and registration problems;
  • train staff in the use of student information system;
  • learn and apply College policies and procedures;
  • apply federal and state laws and regulations;
  • provide effective customer service, establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with students, staff and faculty;
  • communicate technical information in a clear and understandable manner;
  • work independently and prioritize tasks and utilize computer technology for communication, data gathering and reporting activities.

Revised: 2/2022

  • Reviewed: 12/2018
  • New: 8/2010