Student Employment Guideline

The following guidelines apply regarding the use of Student Help funds:

  1. No college employee may be simultaneously employed as a casual employee and student employee in the same department.
  2. The hiring Supervisor is responsible for determining the applicant’s eligibility to be paid from Student Help funds. Students must maintain enrollment in a minimum of six (6) credit hours during the term in which they are employed.
  3. Although students may be simultaneously employed by more than one department under Student Help funds, the cumulative workload should be no more than 40 hours per week.
  4. Student employees may work during winter and spring breaks. Work Study students must have available funds from their Financial Aid award for the prior term (i.e. Fall term awards can be used up to the first day of winter term).
  5. All students must have valid social security numbers to be employed and paid. International students may not use their college assigned ID numbers for employment purposes. These students should be referred to the Office of International Student Services (ext. 7150) if they have any questions.
  6. Appropriate hiring documents include authorization (EPAF or Work Study Employment Authorization), I-9 and W-4. These documents must be submitted to Human Resources as soon after hiring as possible. Late paperwork may preclude timely payment for the student. Please check the Payroll web site for authorization due dates.
  7. Student employee pay levels effective 7/1/2019:
    • Level 1: $12.50/hr
    • Level 2: $12.50/hr
    • Level 3: $12.50/hr

    Effective 7/1/2018:

    • Level 1: $12.00/hr
    • Level 2: $12.00/hr
    • Level 3: $12.00/hr
  8. Supervisors are reminded that employees are compensated according to the type of job duties performed. The following general job descriptions relate to each of the above levels:
The student performs general tasks of a routine nature. Assignments are standard, limited and of average difficulty. The student is under close supervision at all times.
The student performs varied tasks of a specialized nature. Assignments are often complex and of a more than average difficulty. Supervision and assistance is available with a minimum of directions.
The student performs specific tasks of a technical nature. Assignments require special skills or technical training or expertise. Supervision and assistance is available with minimum supervision.