Professional – Casual Employment Compensation Schedule

Grade: “PROF”

This type of work is predominately original and creative in nature, focusing on analysis and evaluative tasks requiring independent judgment and the performance of tasks of a specialized nature. Incumbents performing this work will typically be required to hold a bachelor’s degree or have an equivalent combination of education & work experience. The employee can work up to 959 hours per fiscal year.

Level I
Pay Range: $13.89 – $19.40 per hour
Under general supervision, works independently to provide a specialized service or skill. Generally requires 1-2 years of experience performing job related tasks.

  • Academic Advisor Specialist
  • Community Resource Specialist
  • Life Skills Specialist
Level II
Pay Range: $15.71 – $25.05 per hour
Duties involve the above at a higher level requiring additional knowledge, skills or experience and/or directing the work of others performing similar tasks. May also make significant decisions related to the development of policies, procedures and work methods that directly affect the outcome or production of the work.

  • Accountant II, III
  • Cooperative Education Specialist
  • Employment Specialist
  • Job Developer/Placement Specialist

For work where the rate of pay exceeds the top of the range it must have the approval of the appropriate Executive Officer. On a separate sheet from the authorization, detail the basis for determining the hourly rate of pay and include the executive officer’s approval.