Management/Supervisory – Casual Employment Compensation Schedule

Grade: “MGMT”

This work involves directing the work of others and/or performing complex administrative tasks. Work requires the use of independent judgment, interpretation of college policies or regulations and/or administration of a project/program requiring specialized knowledge. Casual management employees do not approve electronic time sheets. The employee can work up to 1039 hours per fiscal year.

Level I
Pay Range: $15.87 – $25.58 per hour
Primarily for first-line supervisory work. Decisions are generally tactical in nature, requiring an understanding of operative procedures and techniques applicable to a specific function. Requires vocational/technical knowledge, and may require an associates or bachelors degree. Mainly supervises classified employees; may perform some hands-on technical work processing.
Level II
Pay Range: $18.52 – $29.82 per hour
Typically requires a bachelors degree or equivalent combination of education and work experience in a specialized field. Advanced knowledge in specific function/technical area and seasoned experience in applying techniques and methodologies. May supervise other managers, professional and/or classified employees. Problems typically are more strategic in nature. Responsible for initiating, directing, controlling activities.
Level III
Primarily for temporary managers performing the full responsibilities of a management position. The salary identified must be appropriate within the normal salary range for the vacant position. Any pay rate at this level must be approved by the Executive Officer or Vice President in charge of the functional area.

For work where the rate of pay exceeds the top of the range it must have the approval of the appropriate Executive Officer. On a separate sheet from the authorization, detail the basis for determining the hourly rate of pay and include the executive officer’s approval.