Skilled Craft – Casual Employment Compensation Schedule

Grade: “CRFT”

This type of work typically requires special manual skills and a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the processes involved in the work, acquired through on-the-job training and experience or through apprenticeship or other formal training programs. The employee can work up to 599 hours per fiscal year.

Level I
Pay Range: $12.82 – $20.16 per hour
Work situations require consideration and interpretation of circumstances or information to choose the most effective responses. Incumbent is responsible for producing journey-level output on an independent basis subject to supervisory direction and review.
Examples Bindery/Duplicator Operator Painter
Level II
Pay Range: $15.04 – $23.67 per hour
Duties require all of those listed in Step I with additional responsibility for directing the work of others performing similar tasks. Also represents skilled craft work of a more technical, specialized nature.

  • Press Operator
  • Construction Coordinator
  • Electrician
  • HVAC Technician

For work where the rate of pay exceeds the top of the range it must have the approval of the appropriate Executive Officer. On a separate sheet from the authorization, detail the basis for determining the hourly rate of pay and include the executive officer’s approval.