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CCOG for WR 90C Fall 2023

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Course Number:
WR 90C
Course Title:
Writing 90C
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Course Description

Includes instruction in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, essay development, and critical thinking skills. Improves basic writing skills by learning to use simple and complex sentences in developing a good essay, and by developing critical thinking skills that are used in the writing process. Prerequisites: Placement into WR 90 or completion of WR 80; Placement into RD 90 or completion of RD 80. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

  • Communicate in writing using a variety of sentence structures, paragraphs, and short form that emphasize correct grammar, punctuation, coherence, and clarity.

  • Demonstrate critical thinking in written responses to text.

  • Recognize and utilize pre-writing steps for composing a good essay.

  • Utilize basic word processing in writing.

  • Demonstrate successful college student behaviors.

  • Perform successfully in Writing 115.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

 1.  Grammar & punctuation practice exercises

 2.  Paragraph Development practice exercises

 3.  Written critical response to reading

 4.  Final typed essays

 5.  The following additional measures are encouraged:

a. graded homework assignments
b. written group projects
c. written responses to outside activities
d. a writing journal
e. in-class activities and participation

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

  • Grammar and punctuation usage in sentences

  • Simple, complex, and compound sentences usage in paragraph development

  • Appropriate use of support in fully developed essays


  • Punctuation and capitalization

  • Grammar

  • Paragraph Development

  • The Writing Process

  • The Essay

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Word Processing