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CCOG for PE 184J Fall 2023

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Course Number:
PE 184J
Course Title:
Intermediate Snowboard Skiing
Credit Hours:
Lecture Hours:
Lecture/Lab Hours:
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Course Description

Continues refinement of basic skills. Students will be taught to link beginning carved turns with rhythm and control on intermediate and beginning advanced terrain. Stresses safe boarding with improvement in skill applications. The variables of weather and snow conditions will be addressed. Recommended: Beginning Snowboarding class or equivalent. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

An orientation session will be held at the college to collect
fees, distribute tickets and answer questions. At the ski area, students will be placed in small
classes with other students of similar ability. Classes will be conducted each of the five weeks on
snow at the ski area. Lab/practice time will be available to supplement class time with the
instructor, and independent practice is of the utmost importance. In addition to boarding skills,
safety and snowboard skiing etiquette will also be emphasized.
Students must provide appropriate clothing for winter weather in the mountain ski areas.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course the students should be able to:

  1. Improve physical conditioning and develop a skill for lifelong health and wellness
  2. Demonstrate linked skidded turns without a traverse
  3. Demonstrate flexion/extension movements in the ankles, knees, and hips
  4. Demonstrate pressure distribution through leg and foot actions
  5. Demonstrate crossover of center of mass in a turn

Outcome Assessment Strategies

  1. Attendance
  2. Active participation and effort in class

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)


  1. Benefits of physically active lifestyle
  2. Oregon Skier's Responsibility Code
  3. Safe use of equipment, all lifts, and proper operation of the binding system
  4. Preparation and awareness of varying weather conditions
  5. Evaluating terrain
  6. Skiing at proper skill level and terrain
  7. Variety of terrain as student skills allow
  8. Speed control using turn shape as a controlling variable


  1. Demonstrate balance, rotary, edging and pressure control movements
  2. Demonstrate level terrain turning
  3. Demonstrate walking/climbing
  4. Demonstrate skating/straight sliding
  5. Demonstrate sideslipping/skidding, toe and heel side
  6. Demonstrate skidded traverse, both directions
  7. Demonstrate standing skidded stops, both directions
  8. Demonstrate linked turns across the fall line, connected by a skidded traverse
  9. Demonstrate linked turns with no connecting traverse