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CCOG for OMT 234 Fall 2023

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Course Number:
OMT 234
Course Title:
OMT Seminar IV
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Course Description

Reviews major ophthalmic subject areas through guest speakers and field trips. Explores practicum experiences and employment opportunities, cultural exchanges, and testing strategies in preparation for the Certified Ophthalmic Technician (COT) exam. Prerequisites: WR 115, RD 115 and MTH 20 or equivalent placement test scores. Corequisites: OMT 224.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  1. Summarize how to apply for employment as an Ophthalmic Medical Technician.
  2. Develop strategies for COT exam preparation.
  3. Describe the value of cultural awareness in an ophthalmic setting.

Aspirational Goals

Demonstrate appreciation and understanding of cultural diversity by participating in cultural awareness opportunities within the OMT program.

Course Activities and Design

Ophthalmic Medical Technology Seminar is presented by means of discussion, small group activities, guest speakers, field trips and audio-visual presentations. Students will be expected to actively participate in discussions and critique speakers and ideas. Students interact with ophthalmic professionals in the ophthalmic community. Students will have an opportunity to participate in cultural diversity through means special events. 

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Student performance is evaluated by means of oral participation, written critiques of speaker presentations, quizzes and special assignments. The student will be responsible for completing all course work regardless of absenteeism. The student is responsible for materials handed out in class and assignments made during class. Make-up assignments for any classes missed will be at the discretion of the course instructor.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

The student will demonstrate understanding of the following themes, issues, concepts and development of the following skills:

  • Making contact with hiring managers - looking into employment opportunities in the ophthalmic field.

  • Cultural awareness and diversity within the Ophthalmic Medical Personnel profession.

  • Exam preparedness and strategies for the COT exam.

The following list outlines the concepts, themes, and issues a student needs to understand and be able to use appropriately. The student has the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the subject matter in written and oral form, individually, and in groups.
    1.   Human relations - The goal is to develop an awareness and understanding of a culturally diverse workplace.  Understand the adaptations of individuals' needs and increase cultural awareness through cultural exchanges with other students. 

    2. Open forums and lectures - The goal is to provide an opportunity for general class discussions on related subjects of interest to the class.  Students also have the opportunity to discuss practicum activities and the various procedural methods utilized at the clinical affiliation sites.

    3. Review major content areas for the COT Certification Exam and then effectively take the written and skills COT certification exam. The goal is to prepare students to have test taking strategies for the COT exam. 

   4. Professional Networking- The goal of potential employers to present job opportunities to students for possible employment opportunities.