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CCOG for MRI 140 Winter 2024

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Course Number:
MRI 140
Course Title:
MRI Registry Review
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Course Description

Provides a comprehensive review of patient care, imaging procedures, data acquisition and processing and physical principles of image formation for magnetic resonance imaging. Department permission required. Prerequisites: MRI 102, MRI 112, and MRI 272.

Addendum to Course Description

MR Registry Review (MRI 140) is required as part of the MRI Technologist Certificate Program.  It is a prep course for taking the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists examination for certification in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.  Prerequisites:  MRI 101, MRI 102, MRI 111, MRI 112, MRI 121, MRI 122.

Intended Outcomes for the course

A.        Review all concepts of magnetic resonance imaging in preparation for the ARRT certification exam in Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

B.        Provide MRI practice exams to prepare student for the ARRT exam.

Course Activities and Design

Review all concepts and previously presented materials during lecture and on-line units.


Outcome Assessment Strategies

A.        Complete on-line study units

B.           Complete classroom exercises and homework.

C.        Complete mock MRI Registry Exam.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)


The student will demonstrate understanding of the following themes, issues, concepts, and develop the following skills:


            A.        Patient Care

1.  Legal and Ethical Principles

Ø  confirmation of exam requisition

Ø  legal issues

Ø  patient’s rights

Ø  ARRT Standard of Ethics

2.  MRI Screening and Safety

Ø  screening

Ø  equipment safety

Ø  environment

Ø  biological considerations

3.  Patient Assessment, Monitoring and Management

Ø  routine monitoring

Ø  emergency response

Ø  patient transfer and body mechanics

Ø  assisting patient’s with medical equipment

4.     Interpersonal Communication

Ø  modes of communication

Ø  challenges of communication

Ø  patient education

Ø  medical terminology

5.     Infection Control

Ø  terminology and basic concepts

Ø  cycle of infection

Ø  standard precautions

Ø  additional or transmission-based precautions

Ø  disposal of contaminated materials

B.           Imaging Procedures

1.          Head and Neck

Ø  anatomy and physiology

Ø  contrast

Ø  patient positioning

2.          Spine

Ø  anatomy and physiology

Ø  contrast

Ø  patient positioning

3.          Thorax

Ø  anatomy and physiology

Ø  contrast

Ø  patient positioning

4.          Abdomen

Ø  anatomy and physiology

Ø  contrast

Ø  patient positioning

5.          Pelvis

Ø  anatomy and physiology

Ø  contrast

Ø  patient positioning

6.          Musculoskeletal

Ø  anatomy and physiology

Ø  contrast

Ø  patient positioning

C.           Data Acquisition and Processing

1.          pulse sequences

2.          data manipulation

3.          special procedures

4.          sequence parameters & options

D.           Physical Principles of Image Formation

1.          instrumentation

2.          fundamentals

3.          artifacts

4.          quality control


A.        Complete worksheets, on-line unit quizzes and mock MR Registry Exam.