CCOG for MM 222 Spring 2024

Course Number:
MM 222
Course Title:
Client Video & Producing
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Lecture/Lab Hours:
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Course Description

Explores producing video and live events for client-oriented projects. Includes the intake and initial design process, scope development, pre-production, client communication, and meeting deadlines for specified deliverables. Prerequisites: MM 235, MM 260. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  • Clearly identify and produce deliverables to agreed-upon standards.
  • Create a Scope of Work and related documentation.
  • Prepare teams and equipment and coordinate studio and remote multi-camera live video production.
  • Work as directed with team members, clients, on-camera talent, and stakeholders.

Aspirational Goals

Create content for a real-world working client

Course Activities and Design

  • Review project types such as live events & multi camera, non-profit, training, explainer videos, marketing, social-media & influencer videos, education, and motivational.
  • Beginning Steps of the Client Process - discovery, project development, Target Audience, Project Goals
  • Client Relations, including Professional Emails, Cold Calling, Networking, Pitching, Getting Paid 
  • Budgeting & scheduling
  • Identifying needed resources, including people and gear for studio, live event, and multicamera projects
  • Produce content for a real or fictitious client
  • Work with VO, and VO talent

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Assessment will be based upon a combination of in-class work, reflections, examinations, and skills demonstrated in assigned projects. Determination of problem-solving skills, and communication skills may also be included.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)


  • Interaction with a Client or Marketing Director
  • Conduct an intake process
  • Project Management
  • Plan, create and develop a commercial project
  • Teleprompter workflow