CCOG for LIB 100 Spring 2024

Course Number:
LIB 100
Course Title:
Using the Library for College Success
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Course Description

Introduces using a college library in person and through the library website. Includes developing basic research skills for college. Provides an opportunity to practice skills using computer applications and online tools to find information, keep track of it, and give credit for using other people's ideas. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  1. Locate key services and resources within a college library’s physical and online environments.
  2. Use appropriate library resources and services to meet information needs and interests.
  3. Select and keep track of useful information while learning about a topic.

Aspirational Goals

Students will develop a basic understanding of different information formats and how they are useful.

Students will develop an awareness of the wide variety of ways they seek and use information in their lives, and the different criteria they use for selecting and evaluating  information.

Students will develop a critical understanding of roles academic libraries plays in both supporting the expansion of knowledge and maintaining a status quo.

Course Activities and Design

Class format may include lecture, videos, individual and small group activities, presentations by students & staff/faculty outside the library, silent sustained reading. Course activities may include:

Individually or in small groups, use the library catalog to locate relevant books, ebooks and films and create a list on a topic. Share it with the class.

Individually or in pairs, demonstrate to  the class or another group how to use library technology such as scanners and printers.

Collaboratively create a brochure about the library.

Do a presentation for the class about a library service

Give a library tour or do a presentation about the library to a group outside the class

Individually or in pairs, identify library resources or services to be featured on the library website and make a suggestion to the Library's Web Team.

Use of Google Docs to record and share information

Identify available technology in the library for coursework in other classes.

Individually or in pairs, interview a library worker to learn more about their work.

Evaluate a library database for scope, content and quality.

Create a Library Database tutorial or pathfinder.

Identify gaps in library services and describe how they could be improved.

Describe and evaluate the library’s collections in specific areas, such as languages other than English; make suggestions for improvement.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Assessment strategies may include:

Individual or groups projects such as creating a brochure about the library;

Presentations to the class about library services or resources;

Interviewing a library worker and writing a summary;

Self reflection in writing or other media on a learning process.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Skills may include

  • Use the library catalog and website to find relevant materials in the PCC Library, online, via Summit
  • Locate the library’s article databases, select an appropriate one and search it effectively
  • Know the services an academic library offers and be able to locate those services in the PCC Library and on the website.
  • Learn ways to work with a reference librarian, in person and via chat and email.
  • Describe different information formats.

Concepts, Themes, Issues

  • Promote understanding of the role of library services and resources for the successful college student.
  • Develop habits of successful studentship by utilizing college resources
  • Describe basic characteristics of different information formats.