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CCOG for LAT 271 Fall 2022

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Course Number:
LAT 271
Course Title:
Computer-Aided Landscape Design
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Course Description

Explores site designer software and its use in landscape design. Covers computer-aided design (CAD) techniques needed to produce finished landscape designs, plant lists, and reports. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

This class is intended to give the student an overview of some CAD based and Database programs that are offered for the small business or independent landscape designer. The class explores the computer's role as a tool in horticulture and design; reviews general AutoCad/CAD principles and commands, and looks at current work being done in the field.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Apply an understanding of the role of computers in horticulture and landscape design.
  • Use the computer to generate landscape plans, plant lists, and reports.
  • Use the internet as an information resource and design concept sharing platform.
  • Use the computer and programs to perform needed repetitive tasks through layering.
  • Use the computer and programs to develop landscape design presentation packages.

Course Activities and Design

Students will work individually to learn the needed computer/software techniques required to develop a presentation booklet with a CAD planting plan, a plant list, and plant reports.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

This course is a pass/no-pass course. Evaluations will include short written quizzes, a landscape presentation booklet that will include computer generated drawings and database information and classroom participation.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

1.0 The computer's role in landscape design.
1.1 Why use the computer
     1.1.1 Advantages and disadvantages
     1.1.2 Records and portability of developed information
1.2 The computer as a tool in landscape design
     1.2.1 Drafting
     1.2.2 Estimating
     1.2.3 Imaging
     1.2.4 Data collection and research
     1.2.5 Presentation
1.3 What types of programs are available to landscapers
2.0 CAD: Computer Aided Drafting Environment
2.1 Basic Language and movement through programs
2.2 Basic display commands; ie. grid, snap, ortho, layers
2.3 Dynascape tutorials
3.0 The presentation booklet
3.1 Purpose
3.2 Ideas for set-up and arrangement
3.3 Graphic exercises
3.4 Generation of Cover pages and titleblocks
3.5 Potential for use as a portfolio
4.0 Introduction to drawing plans:
4.1 Line and figure drawing
4.2 Site plan drawing from field notes
4.3 Layout of property lines and site improvements; house footprint
5.0 Landscape elements
5.1 Hardscaping and planting symbols and their placement
     5.1.1 Walks, walls, paving etc.
     5.1.2 Planting plans
5.2 Use of layering and change of scales
5.3 Elevations and perspective drawings
5.4 Estimating materials, areas, etc. from plans
6.0 Use of Plant database and reports
6.1 How to use Plant Master and Garden Soft
6.2 Research information
6.3 Generation of plant lists and reports
6.4 Incorporation with Dynascape and other Cad programs.
7.0 The Landscape Package
7.1 Items to include in a presentation
7.2 Hard copy presentations; portfolios
7.3 Computer generated presentations
8.0 Use of the Internet