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CCOG for ESOL 59N Winter 2024

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ESOL VESL Support Course
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Course Description

Provides English language support for ESOL learners while they are concurrently enrolled in designated CTE courses. Runs 30-96 hours per term concurrently with an associated credit academic program. Requirement: be concurrently enrolled in an associated academic program. Prerequisites: Placement into ESOL Level 6 in all three skill levels and Career Pathways Department permission required.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  • Read authentic and some modified materials appropriate for adults.
  • Write a variety of correspondence related to employment.
  • Orally communicate effectively in English in work settings.
  • Prioritize specific and measurable short and long-term goals.
  • Meet learning outcomes specific to this project, as mutually agreed upon by the student and instructor in advance through a written learning contract, as as appropriate to the hours committed to this course. 

Course Activities and Design

The VESL Support course will teach a variety of job skills while simultaneously providing language support (reading, writing and oral communication) for the associated CTE/Vocational program. This support may include instruction in skills and activities that can be adjusted to the requirements of the specific technical content area. In addition, integrated ESOL skills will always be taught with the objective of improving writing, reading and communication.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

? Successful completion of an internship
? Active participation in job readiness development
? Successful completion of all assignments related to the course

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)
Themes and Concepts
? English language proficiency in reading, writing, and oral communication
? Success in college level courses
? Job readiness
? Transition to work
? Problem solving
? Cultural awareness
? Personal expression/reflection
A. Reading
? Read, understand, and follow directions
? Use skimming and scanning to find specific information
? Develop questions based on readings
? Work in groups to define, analyze, and solve problems
? Use a monolingual, adult, ESL dictionary of American English and other references
? Read for comprehension under time constraints
? Develop vocabulary
? Read authentic materials related to the field of study, including manuals, directions, and texts
B. Writing
Grammar Review and Instruction
? Phrases and clauses
? Verbs and related structures
? Other parts of speech
? Mechanics
Written Communication
? Writing and editing basic paragraphs and short essays
? Improvement in ability to communicate through emails and letters
? Strengthen confidence in written communications
? Resume and cover letter writing
C. Communication
Oral Communication
? Learn conventions of the job interview via mock interviews
? Develop strategies for informational interviews
? Practice effective telephone communication
? Recognize idioms and jargon, especially related to the field of study
? Choose appropriate words and word forms
? Recognize and use correct word order most of the time
? Communicate effectively in all tenses
? Use question and negative forms correctly most of the time
? Participate by contributing and connecting ideas
? Begin to develop strategies to achieve intelligibility
? Begin to backtrack and restructure smoothly in conversation
? Listen, understand, take notes and follow directions appropriate to the field of study
? Develop discussion skills (asking clarification questions to negotiate meaning, rejoinders, confirmation) to participate in job interviews, workplace meetings and small group discussions