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CCOG for ENGR 223 Fall 2022

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Course Number:
ENGR 223
Course Title:
Electrical Circuits III
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Course Description

Covers Laplace Transform analysis. The transfer function, convolution, bode plots, and Fourier series are used to analyze circuits. Passive and active filters are designed and analyzed using these new circuit analysis techniques. Circuit simulation, math analysis software, and laboratory experiments are incorporated to solidify classroom theory and practice. Prerequisites: ENGR 222 Prerequisite or concurrent enrollment: MTH 256. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

ƽ Analyze systems in the frequency domain
ƽ Convert electrical systems between frequency and time domain
ƽ Design and analyze various filter topologies

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Assessment methods are to be determined by the instructor. Typically, in class exams and quizzes, and homework assignments
will be used. Lab work is typically assessed by a lab notebook, formal lab reports, performance of experiments, and possibly a lab

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

1.    Laplace Transform Circuit Analysis   
   1. Circuit elements in the s-domain
   2. Circuit analysis in the s-domain
   3. Mutual inductance in the s-domain
   4. AC power in the s-domain
   5. Transfer functions
   6. Discrete time and continuous time convolution
   7. Steady-state sinusoidal response.
2.    Filters and Bode Plots
   1. Poles and zeros
   2. Low-pass and high-pass filters
   3. Band-pass and band-reject filters
   4. Bode diagrams
3.    Fourier Series
   1. Fourier series calculation
   2. Applications to circuit analysis
   3. Exponential form of the Fourier Series
   4. Amplitude and phase spectra
4.    Fourier Transform
   1. Discrete time (FFT) and continuous time Fourier Transform
   2. Circuit applications
   3. Parseval's Theorem