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CCOG for ED 161 Fall 2022

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ED 161
Course Title:
Leadership Through Advocacy and Representation
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Course Description

Provides students serving on college or community decision-making bodies with the opportunity to develop leadership skills gained by representing and advocating for a constituency group. Students will process the skills learning by serving on committees that are associated with communication techniques, problem solving, interpersonal skills, research, and team work. Instructor permission required. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

•Apply learned communication skills and problem-solving to the committee process.
•Use an understanding of the decision-making process to work effectively within an organization.
•Advocate for the needs of the constituency represented within an institution or organization.

Course Activities and Design

Each student is required to attend an orientation with the committee or body chair that they will sit on as a student representative. The orientation will include the opportunity to learn about the goals, vision, and work projects of the committee and how it fits in the bigger picture of the college or organization.
The student will need to identify the goals, objectives and priorities of their constituency.
During the quarter, they have to serve 20 hours either in meetings, subcommittees, hold a forum or work on committee related


Outcome Assessment Strategies

Develop a notebook with all the meeting minutes, committee projects, and governing documents associated with the committee.
Submit regular reports to the student government documenting the progress and activities of the committee.
Facilitate one form of student outreach during the quarter. This could be a forum, on line message board, short survey, or sound off board.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Organization or Institution Process