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CCOG for ED 136 Fall 2022

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Course Number:
ED 136
Course Title:
Learning with Technology
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Course Description

Explores existing and emerging educational technology being used in educational settings (such as, but not limited to, libraries and classrooms). Focuses on using educational technology to complement and enhance learning activities. Covers basic principles of instructional design and adaptive technologies. Prerequisites: (RD 115 and WR 115) or IRW 115 or equivalent placement. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

The curriculum for this course is based on the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) recommended foundations in technology for all teachers. It meets the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T) and the national Technology Standards for School Administrators (TSSA) as recommended by ISTE. Course competencies are aligned with outcome 5 of the Oregon Paraeducator Certificate:- Apply Technology to support teaching, "learning and communication."

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  1. Use instructional theories and models to describe how technology integration into learning activities can enhance learning.
  2. Apply basic principles of instructional design to develop technology-enhanced learning activities for diverse learner groups.
  3. Create online instructional materials and presentations for use in educational settings.
  4. Evaluate educational technology for educational use.
  5. Collaborate and communicate with others using educational technology.
  6. Utilize assistive and adaptive technologies in the design and development of learning activities for diverse learner groups.

Course Activities and Design

Presentations by lecture", demonstration sessions and hands-on applications.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

     Final grade dependent on the degree of mastery of course objectives/outcomes.  Class interaction, attendance and final project will also be taken into consideration in determining the final grade.