CCOG for DST 204 Summer 2024

Course Number:
DST 204
Course Title:
Machine Specific Systems
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Lecture Hours:
Lecture/Lab Hours:
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Course Description

Introduces specific Caterpillar machines and the similarities and differences between them. Requires a dealer letter indicating secured internship at a participating Caterpillar Dealership. Prerequisites: DST 201.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of this course students will able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the similarities and differences between individual Caterpillar machines, their uses, and their applications in the industry.
  • Quickly assess new Caterpillar machines and utilize the appropriate service literature to acquire an understanding of their unique operations.

Course Activities and Design

·This is an outcome-based course utilizing a lecture / lab format. This course includes videos, assignments, demonstrations, lectures, and hands on learning. Course will be taught using Caterpillar equipment and curriculum.

§         950 Electro Hydraulic Control Systems.

§         Compact Construction Equipment (CCE)

§         300 Series Excavator

§         Off Highway Trucks

§         Articulated Dump Trucks

§         620 Wheel Tractor-Scrapers

§         H Series Motor Graders

§         Gas Engines

§         EPG Engines

§         Marine Engines

§         Paving Products

Outcome Assessment Strategies

·            Multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, short answer and essay testing

·            Hands-on practical testing

·            Daily lab assignments as defined by Caterpillar Curriculum / weekly and term projects

·            Attendance

·         Work ethics

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

       The machine systems the student will learn may include:


                                    950 Electro Hydraulic Control Systems.

§         Power Train Hydraulic System

§         Transmission Electronic Control System Operation

§         Transmission Calibration

§         Electro Hydraulic Implement System Components

§         Electro- Hydraulic Implement System Operation

§         Electro-Hydraulic System calibration and Diagnosis

Compact Construction Equipment (CCE)

§         902/906/908 Compact Wheel Loaders

§         Skid Steer Loaders

§         303CR, 304CR, 305CR Mini-Hydraulic Excavators

300 Series Excavator

§         Pilot Control Systems

§         Hydraulic Pump and Pump Control System

§         Hydraulic Control Valve

§         Swing Control Valve

§         Travel Control System

§         Electronic Control System

312C/315C Hydraulic Excavator Overview

Off Highway Trucks

§         Hydraulic System

§         Air system

Articulated Dump Trucks

§         725/730 Articulated Dump Truck Components

§         725730 Articulated Dump Truck Hydraulic System

620G Wheel Tractor-Scrapers

§         620G Series overview.

§         Electrical System

§         Engine

§         Power Train

§         Implement System

§         Steering System

§         Brake System



H Series Motor Graders

§         Steering Hydraulics

§         Implement Hydraulics

Gas Engines

§         Basic Gas Engines

§         Gas Engine Regulators

§         Carburetors and Linkage

§         Gas Engine Boost Control

§         Gaseous Fuels

EPG Engines

§         Basic Generator Set Principles

§         Engine and Generator Ratings

§         Generator Set Installation Guidelines

§         Generator Set Alignment

Marine Engines

§         Marine Propulsion Basics

§         Marine Auxiliary Engines

§         Marine Engine Programming and Monitoring

Paving Products

§         Paving Products

§         CB-634D Asphalt Compactor

§         CS-663E, CP-663E and CS-683E Vibratory Compactors

§         AP-1055B Asphalt Paver



§         Learn and practice personal safety.

§         Learn and practice facility safety.

§         Learn and practice equipment safety.