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CCOG for DH 242 Winter 2024

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Course Number:
DH 242
Course Title:
Dental Hygiene Restorative Theory II
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Lecture Hours:
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Course Description

Introduces concepts and clinic processes in preparation for restorative patient care. Introduces alternative patient care restorative techniques and caries preventive measures. Prerequisites: DH 240, DH 241. Prerequisites/concurrent: DH 243.

Addendum to Course Description

This course is part of the restorative curriculum approved by the Oregon Board of Dentistry. Completion of the full restorative certificate allows students to sit for the Western Regional Examining Board Restorative Exam and apply for license endorsement with the State Board of Dentistry.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  1. Explain the process for placement of restorative materials, including uses of liners, bases, and caries management materials used with restorative procedures at a developing level.
  2. Explain processes in restorative patient care clinics.
  3. Explain the importance of four-handed dentistry, rubber dam placement, isolation, and instrument transfer techniques in restorative procedures.
  4. Discuss alternatives, risks, and benefits to restorative procedures in preparation for obtaining informed consent from patients.

Course Activities and Design

The lecture portion of the course will be offered in lecture format using audio-visual aids, handout materials and outside assignments. Demonstrations and skill practice will take place in the preclinic laboratory setting both individually and with student partners.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Lecture: Weekly quizzes and Final Exam
Laboratory: A series of skill assessments and a "mock board" final on placement of a composite restoration.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Concepts, Themes and Issues:
Management of restorative dentistry
Patient Care
Critical Thinking
Team Building
Demonstrate an understanding of terms associated with composite resins, list the trade names, uses and properties and demonstrate manipulation of glass ionomers and composite resins.
Relate understanding of the properties of enamel and dentin, smear layer and hybrid layer.
Demonstrate understanding of the properties of various adhesive systems available on the market that apply to composite or amalgam bonding in preparation for use in the clinical setting.
Select an appropriate restorative dental material based on cavity preparations, size of restoration, shade (color) and location of restoration.
Demonstrate placement of a matrix and wedge with correct adaptation, contour and contact on a dentoform tooth prior to placement of the dental composite.
Demonstrate correct procedures for the etching, bonding and curing process for composite restorations and glass ionomer cements.
Explain gingival retraction and demonstrate proper steps in gingival retraction.
Select appropriate materials for placing and finishing composite restorations and demonstrate appropriate procedures for placement and finishing and maintenance of functional anatomy and occlusion.
Demonstrate self-assessment and self-correction skills when placing, finishing and polishing a composite restoration.
Demonstrate safe handling of dental materials during and after the procedure.