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CCOG for DH 230 Winter 2024

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Course Number:
DH 230
Course Title:
Dental Materials
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Course Description

Classification, chemistry, physical properties, and uses of dental materials including manipulation techniques.

Intended Outcomes for the course

  1. Acquire knowledge of the theoretical concepts of materials science as well as the physical properties and uses of a variety of dental materials.

  2. Demonstrate the use of dental materials by applying knowledge and techniques of manipulation in the laboratory setting.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

  1. Recognize and describe the properties and uses of dental materials through a series of unit quizzes.

  2. Complete laboratory projects as assigned.

  3. Complete a comprehensive final exam.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Concepts, Themes and Issues

  • Infection control and safety in the laboratory

  • Care of instruments and lab equipment

  • Rules for handling dental materials

  • History of materials used in dentistry

  • Materials and the oral environment

  • Classifications of dental materials

  • Materials science

  • Physical and mechanical properties of dental materials

  • Impression materials

  • Gypsum materials and wax products

  • Dental cements

  • Amalgam/Direct metallic restorative materials

  • Composites and glass ionomers

  • Fixed indirect restorations and prostheses

  • Removable prostheses and acrylic resins

  • Specialty materials: orthodontic, endodontic, periodontic

  • Custom trays: Tooth whitening, oral appliances

  • CAD/CAM in dentistry


1. Demonstrate adherence to infection control and lab safety at all times.
2. Explain the effects of the oral environment on dental materials.
3. Name and discuss the classifications of dental materials.
4. Explain how the internal structure of materials determines their properties and performance.
5. Relate the physical properties of various materials to their use in dentistry.
6. Discuss the mechanical requirements of materials used in dentistry.
7. Discuss the properties, use and costs of a variety of impression materials.
8. Demonstrate the ability to take an alginate impression on a fellow student.
9. Discuss the physical properties, uses of dental plaster, stone, and improved stone.
10. Demonstrate the fabrication and trimming of study casts.
11. Describe the various types, properties and uses of dental cements.
12. Explain and demonstrate the process of mixing a variety of cements used in dentistry.
13. Differentiate between bases, liners and cavity varnishes.
14. Describe the properties, uses, handling and disposal of dental amalgam and alloys.
15. Describe and compare, according to composition, properties, uses and advantages/disadvantages, a variety of synthetic resins.
16. Describe the general steps involved in fabricating a cast restoration.
17. Describe the use of ceramics in dentistry.
18. Explain the physical properties and uses of acrylics resins in dentistry.
19. Describe the steps involved in both the construction of a denture and a hard/soft reline of a denture.
20. Describe the components of a fixed orthodontic appliance.
21. Summarize the procedures involved in root canal therapy.
22. Explain the purposes of, and demonstrate the fabrication of a customized impression tray.
23. Explain the difference between vital and non-vital tooth bleaching and describe the materials and process used in bleaching vital teeth
and fabricate a custom tray.
24. Discuss the properties of periodontal dressing compound and mix a periodontal pack.
25. Explain and demonstrate the process of using CAD/CAM technology to scan and prepare patient impressions and informaiton.