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CCOG for DH 220 Winter 2024

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Course Number:
DH 220
Course Title:
Pain Management
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Course Description

Covers the theory and techniques of pain control through the administration of local anesthetics. Explores nitrous oxide sedation as it applies to the practice of dentistry and dental hygiene. Emphasizes patient evaluation, pharmacodynamics, administration methods and safety issues. Prepares students for management of pain or anxiety during dental hygiene procedures. Prerequisites: DH 127, DH 228, DH 246. Prerequisites/concurrent: DH 220L.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of this course the student should be able to:

  1. Discuss the methods used to manage pain and anxiety related to dental procedures.
  2. Compare routes of administration for local anesthetics. 
  3. Describe the components and assembly of an anesthetic syringe.
  4. Explain different topical anesthetics.
  5. Discuss the types of local anesthetic and their indications and contraindications.
  6. Identify injection sites for the maxillary and mandibular arches and explain which teeth are involved.
  7. Recognize techniques for various intraoral injections.
  8. Differentiate between types of sedation used in a dental setting and what is allowable for a dental hygienist.
  9. Explain indications and contraindications for nitrous oxide sedation.
  10. Identify the components of nitrous oxide delivery systems.
  11. Describe how nitrous oxide is administered and monitored.