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CCOG for DH 206 Winter 2024

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Course Number:
DH 206
Course Title:
Dental Hygiene Practice VI
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Course Description

Advanced dental hygiene clinic activities to include all aspects of previous training at increased skill levels. Nitrous oxide sedation included, plus simulated private practice and mock board activities.

Intended Outcomes for the course

1. Integrate concepts of dental hygiene theory and patient care in providing treatment to a variety of dental patients with increasingly complex treatment needs.
2. Apply job search skills and knowledge of a variety of work settings to find a position in the dental hygiene profession.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

DH 203
1. complete a written evaluation and oral report on a selected dental practice
2. submit a cover letter/resume and a work portfolio.
3. attend all guest presentations.
4. Complete ethical dilemma assignments

DH 206
1. Provide total dental hygiene care for two selected patients: One patient with diagnosed periodontal disease and one patient with diagnosed dental caries.
2. Complete all second year clinical requirements.
3. Design specific, individualized personal objectives for skill improvement.
4. In preparation for regional board examinations, complete the Mock Board Examination or competency exam for DH 206.
5. Participate in a simulation of dental hygiene practice for one full day of clinical practice.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Concepts, Themes and Issues

  • Job search skills

  • Dental hygiene practice options

  • Career management

  • Stress management

  • Advanced dental hygiene process of care

  • Board exam preparation

  • Independent practice

  • Self-regulation

  • Standard insurance codes relating to dental hygiene practice

  • Critical thinking and decision making.

  • Time management


1. Analyze the career opportunities available to an RDH.
2. Discuss management of stresses related to daily practice of dental hygiene.
3. Prepare for and perform a successful job search.
4. Discuss various ethical dilemmas that face dental hygienists and they relate to the ADHA Code of Ethics.

DH 206

1. Demonstrate professional behaviors at all times by complying with the clinic policies, maintaining dress and grooming standards, maintaining self-control while in the clinical treatment areas, providing services to all clients without discrimination, and maintaining safety standards.
2. Demonstrate increasing proficiency and efficiency in the treatment of dental hygiene clinic patients.
3. Expose diagnostically acceptable radiographs and utilize the films in patient assessment.
4. Perform necessary and appropriate periodontal therapy to clinic patients and complete a treatment review in consultation with a dentist with each.
5. Provide necessary and appropriate expanded functions services to clinic patients as required.
6. Analyze personal skill levels and, with an advisor, design a plan to correct deficiencies.
7. Provide comprehensive dental hygiene treatment to a minimum of
8. two patients within the guidelines of the "Total Patient Care" standards.
9. Show the ability to schedule and treat 6 clinic patients with a variety of needs in an 8 hour clinic period