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CCOG for DH 205 Winter 2024

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DH 205
Course Title:
Dental Hygiene Practice V
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Course Description

Continues clinical activities including treatment of patients having moderate to severe periodontal disease and the provision of dental hygiene expanded functions. Activities correlate to DH 202.

Addendum to Course Description

Basic Skill Competencies #'s 1-12 are addressed at the Developing Level in this course.

Intended Outcomes for the course

1. While providing patient care, demonstrate assessment,periodontal diagnosis, care planning, implementation of treatment and treatment evaluation techniques for the patient with moderate to severe periodontal disease.

2. Utilize pain control techniques, advanced periodontal procedures and perform expanded dental hygiene functions.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

DH 202
1. Analyze and relate a periodontal or pediatric case completed during clinical sessions by writing a formal case documentation and presenting the case orally in class.
2. Demonstrate thorough understanding of expanded functions by passing weekly case-based quizzes.
3. Express critical thinking skills through weekly journal reflections.

DH 205
1. Complete competency evaluations on clinical patients during coaching sessions and clinical test cases.
2. Complete 27 out of the 40 cases needed to fulfill the graduation requirements for clinic and radiography.
3. Complete 12 out of the 20 anesthesia requirements and participate in the Mock Anesthesia Board Exam.
4. Perform expanded functions and periodontal/pediatric dental hygiene therapy as needed.
5. Work in a simulated practice setting for a minimum of two clinic sessions


Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Dental Hygiene process of care, professionalism, private practice simulation, collaboration with the client to achieve health.


  • Patient Assessment and Treatment in

    •       Expanded Functions:

      • Amalgam finishing and polishing

      • Suture Removal (taught to lab competence only)

      • Vitality Testing

      • Temporary Restorations (lab competence only)

      • Four-handed dentistry

    • Periodontal Therapy

      • Root planing and curettage

      • Desensitization

      • Periodontal Reviews

      • Irrigation

      • Anti-microbial Treatment Modalities

    • Pediatric Dental Hygiene Therapy

      • Management Techniques

      • Sealant Placement


  • Dental Hygiene Care Plan for Expanded Function, Periodontal and
    Pediatric Cases.
  • Dental Hygiene Recare and Periodontal Maintenance Plans


  • Risk Management

  • Patient Motivation

  • Safety


1. Follow OSHA Universal Precaution and Hazardous Materials guidelines.
2. Assess clients needs and provide appropriate treatment.
3. Design dental hygiene care plans and maintenance appointments to meet individual clients’ needs.
4. Practice risk management techniques during assessment, treatment and documentation phases of patient care.
5. Use the dental hygiene process of care while providing client services.
6. Use inquiry and listening skills in communication with clients.
7. Work collaboratively as a dental team member in the simulated practice setting.
8. Manage time efficiently.
9. Utilize critical thinking and decision making skills.
10. Access professional resources for research and National Board Exam preparation.