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CCOG for DH 201 Winter 2024

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DH 201
Course Title:
Dental Hygiene Theory IV
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Course Description

Dental hygiene theory applied to patients having periodontal disease; instruction includes comprehensive patient management. Co-requisites: DH 204 or DH 204B.

Addendum to Course Description

Competency Skill Level:  DH competencies #1-12 are addressed in this course at both introductory and developing skill levels.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Understand assessment, periodontal diagnosis, care planning, implementation of treatment and treatment evaluation techniques for application in the clinical setting with periodontal disease patients

Outcome Assessment Strategies

  • Create a dental hygiene treatment care plan appropriate for non-surgical periodontal therapy.

  • Create a nutritional diet for a periodontally involved patient.

  • Midterm and final exams

  • Complete clinical requirements at 75% or greater accuracy.

  • Satisfactorily complete a clinical test case.

  • Attend all clinic bay meetings, documentation meetings and clinical sessions unless excused.

  • Using reflective learning techniques, maintain a weekly journal.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

The periodontal patient
Assessment and care planning
Treatment options and sequencing
Non-surgical periodontal therapy
Nutritional analysis for dental health
New treatments, products and innovations.
Ultrasonic/sonic instrumentation
Irrigation therapy
Evaluation and maintenance care


  • Describe treatment sequencing for optimum patient care.

  • Explain the medical emergency protocols for the PCC clinic.

  • Recognize and assess the value of various new developments in dental hygiene care.

  • Explain the factors and considerations that must go into treatment planning for the periodontal patient.

  • Discuss the theory, operation, maintenance and precautions associated with use of ultrasonic/sonic instruments.

  • Compare and contrast hand-instrumentation and sonic/ultrasonic scaling.

  • Compare and contrast irrigation therapy products and systems.

  • Discuss nutritional concepts and their relationship to dental health.

  • Develop a food survey plan for use by a clinic patient.

  • Discuss patient management principles and problems associated with the periodontal patient.

  • Discuss possible reasons for modifying an established treatment plan.

  • Participate in classroom discussions of clinic problems, concern and share cases for peer review

  • Provide safe, effective clinical care for periodontally involved patients at a introductory level.

  • Demonstrate the ability to collect data for assessment, synthesize the data to form a dental hygiene diagnosis, plan, implement and evaluate treatment for a variety of clinic patients at the developmental level.