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CCOG for DH 109L Winter 2024

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Course Number:
DH 109L
Course Title:
Dental Radiology I (Lab)
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Course Description

Covers basic theory of dental radiography. Includes intra-oral technique practice on manikins with emphasis on radiation safety practices and techniques. Corequisites: DH 109.

Addendum to Course Description

DH 109L will provide basic knowledge and skill in radiation physics, function and operation of dental x-ray equipment, intraoral and selected extraoral radiographic exposure techniques, dental film composition, handling and processing procedures as well as radiograph interpretation.  In addition, the student will develop knowledge of the biological effects of radiation and demonstrate an understanding of safety principles for both operator and patients.  The student will spend 3 hours per week in laboratory sessions learning exposure techniques on manikins and processing of films.  This course meets specific graduation requirments and is a prerequisite to DH 210, Advanced Radiographic Techniques.  Co-requisite DH 109 Lecture.

Intended Outcomes for the course

1.  Understand, relate, and apply radiographic principles and techniques by exposing appropriate diagnostic intraoral radiographs that utilize radiation health and safety standards for the operator and patient.

2.  Recognize and relate radiology theory and application in preparation for tested portions on the Dental Hygiene National Board.

Course Activities and Design

Laboratory activities on Dental Manikins

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Successful completion of the following on a dental manikin:

  • 4 full mouth radiographc surveys
  • 5 adult bitewing radiographic surveys
  • 1 pediatric bitewing radiographic survey
  • 1 distal oblique radiographic survey
  • 1 timed team project
  • 1 final practical lab exam.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)


  • Radiation Physics
  • Dental X-ray Machine Function and Operation

  • Intraoral Radiographic Exposure Technique

  • Dental X-ray Film and Film Processing

  • Intraoral Landmarks and Dental Materials Seen on Radiographs

  • The ALARA Concept

  • Patient Education and Communication

  • Operator and Patient Safety and Protection

  • Preventing Exposure and Darkroom Errors

  • Biological Effects of X-rays

  • Balancing Safety with Need for Diagnostic Radiographs

  • Legal Aspect of Radiography


1. Follow Radiation Health and Safety Standards and OSHA Guidelines while exposing
and processing diagnostic radiographs.
2. Assess patient radiographic needs;

3. Expose and process diagnostic intra-oral radiographs on manikin.
4. Mount, label and document radiograph exposures accurately
5. Self critique work and discuss improvement and corrections needed.
6. Use inquiry and listening communication skills
7. Utilize critical thinking, decision- making, and time management skills
8. Access professional and research resources.