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CCOG for DH 104 Winter 2024

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DH 104
Course Title:
Dental Hygiene Practice I
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Course Description

Applies dental hygiene theory and techniques in a laboratory setting on dental manikins. Work with patients will begin when specified skill levels are reached.

Addendum to Course Description

DH 104 is designed for the practical application of dental hygiene theory in the laboratory and clinic.  Students will learn to work with dental instruments, equipment and supplies.  Dental prophylaxis procedures will be learned on dental manikins and during practice with student partners.  Work with patients will begin when specific skill levels are reached.  Successful completion is required for advancement in the program, and before routine patient care will be allowed.  This course correlates with co-requisite DH 101, allowing for application and practice of beginning clinical skills.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon successful completion, students should be able to:

  1. Apply basic principles of dental hygiene treatment by performing dental hygiene services at an introductory level on manikins and student partners in preparation for provision of client care.
  2. Access and research learning resources for subsequent program course work and in preparation for Dental Hygiene National Board Examination.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

  1. Weekly journal reflections

  2. Attendance
  3. Completion of pre-clinic requirements

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues)

  • Role of the dental hygienist as member of a team.

  • Evolution of the profession

  • The dental hygiene process of care.

  • Professionalism

  • Patient Assessment

  • Dental hygiene care plan

  • Deposit removal

  • Fluorides

  • Continuing care

  • Documentation

  • PCC Clinic Protocols

  • Basic medical emergency procedures

  • Prevention of job related injuries

  • Bloodborne pathogen safety


  1. Follow OSHA precautions and hazardous materials guidelines in the dental hygiene clinical areas.

  2. Complete basic patient assessment procedures.

  3. At an introductory level, design a treatment plan to meet the needs of an individual patient.

  4. Provide dental hygiene treatment on dental manikins and student partners.

  5. Answer basic questions concerning patient education preventive measures.

  6. Design continuing care schedules appropriate for individual patients.

  7. Record documentation in patient charts accurately.

  8. Use ergonomically correct positioning and instrumentation techniques..

  9. Use the dental hygiene process of care while performing dental hygiene services.

  10. Use inquiry and active listening skills when communicating.

  11. Work collaboratively as a dental team member.

  12. Manage time efficiently.

  13. Use critical thinking and decision making skills.

  14. Access professional information sources.