CCOG for BA 289 Spring 2024

Course Number:
BA 289
Course Title:
Marketing Capstone
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Lecture Hours:
Lecture/Lab Hours:
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Course Description

Covers the development and presentation of a marketing plan in a team environment, drawing on concepts taught throughout the degree program. Focuses on the elements of planning, market research, development of positive team dynamics, and the practical application of marketing techniques. Recommended: Students should enroll in this course near the end of their degree program. Prerequisites: Department or instructor approval required.

Addendum to Course Description

In addition to the listed outcomes, this course will be used as a point of assessment for program outcomes.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course students will be able to: 

  • Work with a team of peers to develop a written marketing plan incorporating commonly accepted components.
  • Plan a basic market research project and execute the plan by utilizing project-appropriate primary or secondary data-gathering methods.
  • Present the outcome of a marketing plan properly formatted and using appropriate presentation tools.
  • Critique a marketing plan or program by identifying both strengths and weaknesses in the plan, missing or redundant components, weaknesses in the format, and delivery of written or oral presentation of plan.

Course Activities and Design

  1. Development of outline framework for marketing planning
  2. Development of research plan related to marketing plan objectives
  3. Implementation of basic secondary and primary research including use of research tools and communication of research findings
  4. Class-based reenforcing lecture on planning and research methods
  5. Team building and group communication activities
  6. Independent out-of-class team project activities
  7. Development and delivery of presentations
  8. Application of program assessment tools to evaluate degree outcomes

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Assessment will be based on evaluation of:

  1. A written planning document
  2. Presentation of the findings from the planning document
  3. Team interaction during the planning process
  4. Attendance

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Themes and concepts

  • Branding
  • Product management
  • Segmentation
  • Communications


  • Writing of market planning document
  • Development of research plan
  • Development and delivery of plan presentation
  • Coordination of team activities