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CCOG for CHN 101 Winter 2024

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Course Number:
CHN 101
Course Title:
First Year Chinese
Credit Hours:
Lecture Hours:
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Course Description

The first course of a three-course sequence in introductory Mandarin Chinese language and culture class, with a well- balanced emphasis on effective communicative skills in both the written and spoken language and an understanding of the practices and products of native Chinese culture. Helps the early beginning learners to acquire language proficiency as well as cultural awareness and understanding. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

1. Pronounce Chinese phonetic symbols accurately.

2. Exchange basic greetings and communicate in predicable settings with appropriate vocabulary.

3. Apply basic cultural understandings and recognize cultural values when interacting with native speakers of Chinese and authentic texts.

4. Use the understanding of basic Chinese syntactic system to read and compose simple colloquial Chinese texts in Chinese characters.

Course Activities and Design

1.Group, pair and individual activities – communicative based activities
2.Classroom and individual projects – project-based activities
3.Individual and group presentations – project-based activities
4.Class drills – TPR and TPRS teaching methods; immersion approach

Outcome Assessment Strategies

1. Active participation in interactive class activities, including individual, pair or group activities
2. Individual presentations
3. Contextual written tasks to assess reading, writing, cultural and aural competencies
4. Oral interviews with partners or instructor
5. Multimedia aids to improve listening skills, including short audio clips or films
6. Class discussions to enhance cultural awareness and knowledge

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

   1.Basic greetings and self-introductions
   4.Gratitude and apology
   7.Time and dates
   8.Invitations: acceptance and rejection
   9.Descriptive adjectives
   2.Affirmative and negative responses
   3.Interrogatives: confirmative and informative questions
   4.Personal and demonstrative pronouns
   5.Word orders
Skills and competencies:
   1.Initiate basic greetings, and self-introductions in culturally appropriate manner according to gender and age
   2.Exchange personal information, including last name, first name, phone number, nationality and occupations
   3.Express gratitude and apology
   4.Express time and dates
   5.Express likes and dislikes
   6.Formulate basic requests and appropriate responses
   7.Employ proper sentence conjunctions
   8.Read edited level-appropriated Chinese texts
   9.Compose level-appropriated sentences and short paragraphs in Chinese characters
   10.Understand basic Chinese syntactic system and phonetic symbols
   11.Understand basic Chinese value and cultural knowledge