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CCOG for BCT 225 Summer 2022

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Course Number:
BCT 225
Course Title:
Construction Project Management
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Course Description

Introduces management concepts and techniques used on construction projects. Includes planning, scheduling, project organization, communications, cost control. Covers project/contract administration, and project close out. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon successful completion students should be able to:

  • Communicate effectively and collaborate on construction project
  • Recognizing and applying the various delivery systems used in the construction industry
  • Employing risk analysis, constructability, bidding, cost and quality control, and contract management skills.
  • Managing contract documentation.
  • Writing RFIs, Change Orders, and other required industry correspondence.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

1. Learners will individually demonstrate the understanding of basic concepts in construction project management by the following:

A. Periodic quizzes
B. Mid term examination
C. Final examination.
2. Successfully complete three "Discovery Projects" which will represent some of the concepts, issues, and themes necessary to achieve the course outcomes. These projects will be completed collaboratively in groups of two persons or individually. Learners will develop a submittal log, change order request and payment request.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Themes, issues and Concepts:

  • Project Management Administration
  • Communication and Organization
  • Scheduling Management
  • Material Management / Purchasing
  • Cost Control Management
  • Customer Relationships
  • Project Team Building
  • Contract Administration
  • Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
  • Safety Management

Process Skills:

  1. Recognize construction delivery systems
  2. Recognize contract types
  3. Identify and develop a letter of intent and notice to proceed
  4. Identify contract document components
  5. Recognize and evaluate owner contract items and issues
  6. Identify responsibilities of a project manager
  7. Develop a pre-construction meeting agenda
  8. Identify and set up standard office and job files
  9. Identify jobsite staging and layout planning issues
  10. Identify and interpret a schedule of values
  11. Identify project documentation types and alternatives
  12. Identify critical submittal components and create a submittal log
  13. Identify types of construction schedules
  14. Recognize the contract buyout procedures
  15. Recognize critical components in subcontract and purchase order agreements
  16. Identify and develop a operational budget from an estimate
  17. Identify change order components and process
  18. Create a change order
  19. Identify and create a pay request
  20. Identify dispute resolution alternatives
  21. Identify the importance of negotiation and claim issues
  22. Develop procedures for project close out