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CCOG for BCT 223 Summer 2022

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Course Number:
BCT 223
Course Title:
Finished Stair Construction
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Course Description

Covers the material estimation and installation of both open and closed interior residential staircases. Includes newel posts, balustrades, handrails/guardrails, shoerails and tread caps. Emphasizes the methods used to construct finish stairs and relevant building codes. Prerequisites: BCT 106 or instructor permission. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon successful completion students should be able to: 

  • Install interior staircase newel posts, balustrades, handrails/guardrails, shoerails and tread caps.
  • Calculate and lay out stair parts to meet current building codes.
  • Estimate materials needed for finish stairs.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

  • Learners will demonstrate the safe operation of hand and power tools.
  • Learners will collaboratively calculate, cut and assemble an instructor designed stair project that meets current building codes.
  • Learners will effectively use class time to complete assigned project.
  • Learners will demonstrate their knowledge of stair and balustrade parts and terminology.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Themes, issues and concepts;

  • A.W.I. standards
  • Tool safety
  • Jobsite safety
  • Building codes
  • Construction math
  • Print reading
  • Cooperative work practices
  • Critical thinking
  • Stair materials
  • Stair and balustrade terminology
  • Joinery
  • Fasteners
  • Adhesives
  • Time management

Process skills:

  • Calculate stair rise and run.
  • Calculate evenly spaced balusters
  • Layout, cut and assemble stair parts
  • Use critical thinking skills to determine the best tools and materials for the task at hand
  • Work collaboratively with team members to construct stair projects in given time frame
  • Operate hand and power tools safely and effectively.
  • Interpret and apply applicable building codes.
  • Interpret and apply A.W.I. standards