CCOG Courses in Vascular Interventional Radiog archive

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Course Number Course Title
VIR 101 Interventional Anatomy
VIR 102 Supplies and Sterile Technique
VIR 103 Patient Care and Assessment
VIR 104 Imaging Equipment and Radiation Safety
VIR 105 Physiological Monitoring & Recording
VIR 106 Pharmacology
VIR 107 Fundamentals of Ultrasound and CT
VIR 121 Vascular Procedures I
VIR 122 Vascular Procedures II
VIR 123 Vascular Procedures III
VIR 131 Registry Review
VIR 271 VIR Clinic I
VIR 272 VIR Clinic II
VIR 273 VIR Clinic III