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CCOG Courses in Paralegal archive

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Course Number Course Title
PL 100 Professions in the Law
PL 101 Introduction to Law - Fundamentals
Introduction to the U.S. Legal System
PL 102 Introduction to Law - Substantive Areas
Survey of Substantive Law
PL 103 Introduction to Law - Ethics
Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility
PL 104 Investigation Techniques for Paralegals
PL 105 Litigation
PL 107 Interviewing and Investigating
Techniques of Interview
PL 108 Legal Analysis & Writing
PL 109 Estate Planning
PL 111 Probate Practice
PL 113 Income Tax Law
PL 116 Real Property Law I
PL 124 Law Office Management
Law Office Systems and Procedures
PL 128 Legal Correspondence and Forms
PL 130 Legal Software
PL 140 Immigration Law for Paralegals
PL 201 Legal Research and Library Use
PL 202 Computer Research in Law
PL 203 Basic Legal Research
PL 204 Applied Legal Research and Drafting
PL 205 Advanced Litigation
PL 206 Intellectual Property Law
PL 207 Advanced Legal Research
PL 208 Family Law
PL 210 Elder Law
Legal Protection for Vulnerable People
PL 214 Fiduciary Tax and Accounting
PL 215 Employee Benefits Programs
PL 216 Employment Law
PL 217 Real Property Law II
PL 219 Contract and Consumer Law
PL 220 Worker's Compensation
PL 221 Bankruptcy Law
PL 222 Corporate Law Practice
PL 224 Torts and Personal Injury
PL 225 Advanced Law Office Management
PL 226 Criminal Law for Paralegal
PL 230 E-Discovery
Litigation II
Litigation II - E-Discovery
PL 235 Litigation III
PL 240 Environmental Law
PL 250 Cultural Competence in the Legal Field
Cultural Responsiveness in the Legal Field
Intercultural Competence in the Legal Field
PL 260 Administrative Law for Paralegals
PL 270 Landlord Tenant Law
PL 275 Paralegal Career Development
PL 281A Paralegal Community Law Clinic
PL 281B Paralegal Community Law Clinic II
PL 295 Paralegal Capstone