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CCOG Courses in Ophthalmic Medical Technology archive

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Course Number Course Title
OMT 100 Introduction to Ophthalmics
OMT 102 Ocular Disease
OMT 103 Ocular Pharmacology
OMT 104 Ophthalmic Office Procedures
OMT 106 Introduction to Clinical Skills
OMT 115 Introduction to Ophthalmics
OMT 116 EHR in Ophthalmology
OMT 121 Practicum I
Practicum I: Ophthalmic Medical
OMT 122 Practicum I: Ophthalmic Medical Technology
Practicum II
Practicum II: Ophthalmic Medical
OMT 145 Clinical Optics 1
OMT 146 Clinical Optics 2
OMT 147 Clinical Optics 3
OMT 150 Ocular Anatomy and Physiology
OMT 151 Ocular Disease
OMT 152 Ocular Pharmacology
OMT 160 Clinical Optics
OMT 162 Ophthalmic Office Procedures
OMT 163 Ocular Anatomy and Physiology
OMT 164 Introduction to Clinical Skills
OMT 166 Practicum Prep
OMT 168 Ophthalmic Practicum I
OMT 206 Diagnostic Procedures I
OMT 207 Diagnostic Procedures II
OMT 208 Ocular Motility
OMT 209 Surgical Assisting Procedures
OMT 210 Advanced Diagnostics
OMT 222 Ophthalmic Medical Practicum Second Year
Practicum II: Ophthalmic Medical Technology
Practicum Second Year
OMT 223 Practicum III: Ophthalmic Medical Technology
OMT 224 Practicum IV: Ophthalmic Medical Technology
OMT 231 OMT Seminar I
Seminar I
OMT 232 OMT Seminar II
Seminar II
OMT 233 OMT Seminar III
OMT 234 OMT Seminar IV
OMT 250 Ophthalmic Imaging
OMT 260 Contact Lenses
OMT 268 Ophthalmic Practicum II
OMT 270 Ocular Motility
OMT 272 Diagnostic Procedures I
OMT 274 Contact Lenses
OMT 278 Ophthalmic Practicum III
OMT 281 Ophthalmic Imaging
OMT 282 Diagnostic Procedures II
OMT 288 Ophthalmic Practicum IV
OMT 290 Surgical Assisting
OMT 292 Advanced Diagnostics
OMT 294 COT Exam Prep