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CCOG Courses in Medical Laboratory Technology archive

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Course Number Course Title
MLT 100 Medical Office Laboratory Orientation
MLT 105 Phlebotomy for Medical Laboratory Technicians
MLT 110 Introduction to Medical Laboratory Technology
MLT 111 Medical Technology I
MLT 112 Medical Technology II
MLT 113 Introduction to Medical Microbiology
MLT 114 Laboratory Operations and Techniques
MLT 115 Clinical Laboratory Mathematics
MLT 120 Urinalysis
MLT 150 Lab Assistant - Phlebotomy Practicum
MLT 170 Phlebotomy Practicum
MLT 202 Introduction to Histologic Techniques II
MLT 221 Clinical Chemistry I
MLT 222 Clinical Chemistry II
MLT 223 Clinical Chemistry III
MLT 224 Clinical Chemistry I
MLT 225 Clinical Chemistry II
MLT 230 Body Fluids
Body Fluids & Urinalysis
MLT 241 Immunohematology I
MLT 242 Immunohematology II
MLT 250 Hematology
MLT 251 Hematology I
MLT 252 Hematology II
MLT 253 Hemostasis
MLT 261 Bacteriology I
Clinical Bacteriology I
Clinical Microbiology I
MLT 262 Bacteriology II
Clinical Bacteriology II
Clinical Microbiology II
MLT 263 Medical Parasitology
MLT 264 Medical Mycology
MLT 265 Clinical Mycology and Parasitology
MLT 266 Immunology and Infectious Serology
MLT 271 Clinical Laboratory Practice I
MLT 272 Clinical Laboratory Practice II
MLT 273 Clinical Laboratory Practice I
Clinical Laboratory Practice III
MLT 274 Clinical Laboratory Practice II
Clinical Laboratory Practice IV
MLT 281 Clinical Seminar
MLT 282 Clinical Seminar I
MLT 283 Clinical Seminar II