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CCOG Courses in Landscape Technology archive

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Course Number Course Title
LAT 101 Introduction to the Landscape Industry
LAT 102 Plant Establishment and Maintenance
LAT 103 Beekeeping
LAT 104 Pesticides
LAT 106 Basic Horticulture
Plant Anatomy and Physiology
LAT 108 Landscape Irrigation I
LAT 109 Plant Propagation
LAT 110 Grounds Maintenance
LAT 111 Landscape Construction Practices
LAT 112 Vegetated Private Water Quality Facilities Management
LAT 115 Tool and Equipment Safety, Operation and Maintenance
LAT 115A Tools and Equipment Seminar
LAT 211 Landscape Construction Practices II
LAT 214 Landscape Design II
Plant Composition I
LAT 217 Landscape Drafting
LAT 219 Landscape Illustration
LAT 223 Site Evaluation
Site Surveying and Analysis
LAT 224 Grading and Drainage
LAT 225 Water Gardens
LAT 232 Landscape Irrigation II
LAT 235 Tree Care-Fall
LAT 236 Landscape Math
LAT 237A Landscape Problem Solving-Fall
LAT 237B Landscape Problem Solving-Winter
LAT 237C Landscape Problem Solving-Spring
LAT 240 Tree Care
Tree Care-Spring
LAT 241 Turfgrass Cultural Practices
LAT 242 Arborist Tree Climbing
LAT 243 Landscape Business Operations
LAT 250 Plant Diseases, Insects and Weed Identification
LAT 262 Native Plants of Oregon
LAT 264 Landscape Estimating and Bidding
LAT 271 Computer Aided Landscape Design
Computer-Aided Landscape Design
LAT 272 Sustainable Landscaping
LAT 273 Sustainable Landscape Water Management
LAT 275 Introduction to Landscape Night Lighting
LAT 276 Employment & Careers in the Landscape Industry
LAT 277 Landscape Technology Capstone
LAT 278 Oregon LCP Exam Preparation
LAT 279 Computer Aided Landscape Design II
Computer-Aided Landscape Design II
LAT 280A Cooperative Education: Landscape
LAT 280B Cooperative Work Experience- Landscape Seminar
LAT 280C Cooperative Work Experience- Landscape Design