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CCOG Courses in ASL/English Interpreting archive

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Course Number Course Title
ITP 111 Advanced ASL
American Sign Language I
ITP 112 American Sign Language II
ASL Development for Interpreters I
ITP 113 American Sign Language III
ASL Development for Interpreters II
ITP 120 Fingerspelling I
ITP 121 Fingerspelling II
ITP 122 Discourse Analysis
ITP 123 Intercultural Communication for Interpreters
ITP 131 Deaf Culture
ITP 180 Field Experience
Field Experience I: Applied ASL
Field Experience: Applied ASL
ITP 181 Field Experience II: Applied ASL
ITP 211 American Sign Language IV
ASL Development for Interpreters III
ITP 212 American Sign Language V
ITP 213 ASL Literature for Interpreters
ITP 220 Consumer-Driven Interpreting
ITP 221 English Development for Interpreters I
ITP 228 Decision-Making Models
ITP 230 American Sign Language Linguistics I
ASL Linguistics I
ITP 231 American Sign Language Linguistics II
ASL Linguistics II
ITP 241 Deaf Culture
Deaf Culture I
ITP 242 Deaf Culture II
ITP 251 Interpreting in Specialized Settings II
ITP 260 Interpreting Theory I
ITP 262 Interpreting Theory III
ITP 264 Introduction to the Profession
ITP 265 Interpreting Theory I
Interpreting Theory I: Foundations and Ethics
Introduction to Ethical Practices in Interpreting
ITP 266 Ethical Practices in Specialized Settings
Interpreting Theory II
Interpreting Theory II: Special Settings
ITP 267 Ethical Practices in K-12 Settings
Interpreting Theory III
Interpreting Theory III: K-12 Settings
ITP 268 Ethical Business Practices for Interpreters
Interpreting Theory IV
Interpreting Theory IV: Business Practices
ITP 270 Foundations of Interpreting I
Interpreting Process I
Interpreting Process I: Foundations
ITP 271 Foundations of Interpreting II
Interpreting Process II
Interpreting Process II: Consecutive Interpreting
ITP 272 Foundations of Interpreting III
Interpreting Process III
Interpreting Process III: Simultaneous Interpreting
ITP 273 Interpreting in Specialized Settings I
Interpreting Process IV
Interpreting Process IV: Interpreting in Special Settings
ITP 274 Interpreting in K-12 Settings
Interpreting Process V
Interpreting Process V: Educational Interpreting
ITP 275 Interpreting Process VI: Interpreting for Children
ITP 276 ASL Interpreting I
Specialized Discourse I
ITP 277 ASL Interpreting II
Specialized Discourse II
ITP 278 English Development for Interpreters II
ITP 279 Mock Interpreting I
Practicum I
ITP 281 Mock Interpreting II
Practicum II
ITP 283 Internship I
Interpreting Internship I
ITP 284 Internship II
Interpreting Internship II
ITP 285 Deaf Studies Internship
ITP 286 Practicum III