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Course Number Course Title
ENG 104 Introduction to Literature (Fiction)
ENG 105 Introduction to Literature (Drama)
Introduction to Literature (Plays)
ENG 106 Introduction to Literature (Poetry)
ENG 107 Introduction to World Literature (Up to 16th-Century)
World Literature
ENG 108 Introduction to World Literature (16th-Century to Present)
World Literature
ENG 195 Film Studies: Film as Art
ENG 196 Film Studies: Directors
ENG 197 Film Studies: Contemporary Themes and Genres
ENG 201 Shakespeare: Early Works
ENG 202 Shakespeare: Later Works
ENG 204 Survey of British Literature - Medieval Age to 1700s
Survey of English Literature
ENG 205 Survey of British Literature - 1700 to Present
Survey of English Literature
ENG 207 Literature of India
World Literature - Asian (India)
ENG 208 Literature of China
World Literature - Asian (China)
ENG 209 Literature of Japan
World Literature - Asian (Japan)
ENG 212 Biography and Autobiography
ENG 213 Latin American Literature
ENG 214 Literature of the Northwest
ENG 215 Literature of Genocide
ENG 216 Teen and Children's Literature
ENG 217 Literature of Genocide
ENG 220 Literature of Comics and Graphic Novels
ENG 222 Images of Women in Literature
ENG 230 Environmental Literature
ENG 237 Working-Class Literature
ENG 238 International Working Class Literature
ENG 240 Introduction to Native American Literatures
ENG 244 Introduction to Asian-American Literature
ENG 246 Transnational Literature
ENG 250 Introduction to Folklore and Mythology
ENG 253 American Literature to 1865
ENG 254 American Literature from 1865
ENG 256 African-American Literature
ENG 257 African American Literature to the Harlem Renaissance
African-American Literature
ENG 258 African-American Literature
ENG 260 Introduction to Women Writers
ENG 261 Literature of Science Fiction
ENG 265 International Political Poetry
Literature of Social Protest
ENG 266 Literature of War
ENG 269 Wilderness Literature
ENG 275 The Bible as Literature