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Course Number Course Title
ED 100 Introduction to Education
Introduction to Education for Paraeducators
ED 102 Digital and Visual Communication Fundamentals
Displays & Graphics for Educators
ED 103 Desktop Publishing for Educators
ED 104 Multimedia for Educators
ED 109 Library Procedures
ED 111 Library Collection Development
ED 112 Introduction to Children's Literature
ED 113 Introduction to Library and Information Services
ED 114 Library Reference Services
ED 115 Storytelling
ED 116 Literature for Adolescence and Young Adults
Literature for Adolescents and Young Adults
ED 118 Customer Service & Communication in Libraries
ED 119 Library Access Services
ED 122 Library Technical Services
ED 123 Instructional Strategies: Reading
ED 124 Instructional Strategies: Mathematics/Science
ED 131 Applied Learning Theory
Instructional Strategies Using Theories of Learning
ED 134 Library Technology I
ED 136 Learning with Technology
ED 138 Library Cataloging and Classification
ED 161 Leadership Through Advocacy and Representation
ED 162 Leadership Through Civic Engagement
ED 163 Personal Leadership Development
ED 171 Computers in Education II
ED 206 Seminar: Advanced Education Techniques
ED 208 Outdoor School Leadership Practicum
ED 209 Library Practicum I
ED 210 Library Practicum II
ED 211 Library Practicum III
ED 214 Practicum: Outdoor School
ED 216 Practicum: Seminar
ED 217 Classroom Management
ED 224 Foundations of Education
ED 225 Introduction to CTE
ED 230 Preservation of Library Materials
ED 232 Library Outreach to Diverse Communities
ED 235 Library Technology II
ED 238 Library Supervision and Managment
ED 251 Overview of Exceptional Learners
ED 252 Behavior Management
ED 258 Multicultural Education: Principles
ED 259 Multicultural Education: Applications
ED 260 Multicultural Literature for Children and Young Adults
ED 263 Portfolio Development
ED 264 Portfolio Development II: AAS Paraeducator Addition
ED 265 Library Capstone Portfolio
ED 268 Introduction to Developmental Disabilities
ED 269 Introduction to Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities
Introduction to Teaching the Learning Disabled Student
ED 270 Practicum I
ED 271 Practicum II
ED 272 Practicum III
ED 290 Sheltered Instruction for English Language Learners
ED 291 Bilingual and ESL Strategies
ED 298A Independent Projects in Education
Special Projects in Education
ED 298B Independent Projects in Education
Special Projects in Education
ED 298C Independent Projects in Education
Special Projects in Education
ED 298D Independent Projects in Education
Special Projects in Education
ED 298E Independent Projects in Education
Special Projects in Education