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Course Number Course Title
ATH 101 Introduction to Biological Anthropology
Introduction to Physical Anthropology
ATH 102 Introduction to Archaeology
Introduction to Archaeology and Prehistory
ATH 103 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ATH 104 Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology
Language and Culture
ATH 160 Comparative Cultures
ATH 207 Anthropological Theories, Methods, and Fieldwork
Cultural Anthropology: Culture Concepts
Environmental Anthropology
ATH 208 Ethnocentrism, Ethnography, and Ethology
World Ethnography
Cultural Anthropology: Cultures of the World
ATH 209 Cultural Anthropology: Cultural Growth & Change
Cultural Anthropology: The Dynamics of Cultural Change
Culture, Change, and the Individual
ATH 210 Selected Topics Ethnology:
ATH 211 Selected Topics in Anthropology
ATH 212 Introduction to Shamanism
ATH 213 Environment, Food, and Resilience
ATH 214 Environment, Animals, and Culture
Human Environments: Ecological Aspects
ATH 230 Indigenous Cultures and Communities of Oregon
Native Americans of Oregon
ATH 231 Indigenous Cultures and Communities of the Pacific Northwest
Native Americans of the Northwest
ATH 232 Indigenous Cultures and Communities of U.S. and Canada
Native North Americans
ATH 234 Death and Dying in Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Death, Dying, and Forensics in Cross-cultural Perspective
Death: Crosscultural Perspectives
ATH 235 Archaeology of the Americas
Survey of Prehistoric Mexico and Central America
ATH 298 Independent Study: Anthropology