CCOG Courses in Architectural Design & Draft archive

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Course Number Course Title
ARCH 100 Graphic Communication for Designers
ARCH 101 Introduction to Residential Design
ARCH 102 Architectural Graphics 2
ARCH 104 Intermediate Residential Design
ARCH 110 Introduction to Architectural Drawing
ARCH 111 Intro to Residential Construction Documents
ARCH 112 Intro to Commercial Construction Documents
ARCH 113 Site Planning
ARCH 121 Structural Systems I
ARCH 122 Structural Systems 2
ARCH 123 Structural Systems 3
ARCH 124 Introduction to Building Systems
ARCH 126 Introduction to AutoCAD
ARCH 127 Introduction to Google SketchUp
ARCH 131 Sustainable Building Strategies
ARCH 132 Residential Building Codes
ARCH 133 Commercial Building Codes
ARCH 134 Energy Conservation Code
ARCH 136 Intermediate AutoCAD
ARCH 137 AutoCAD Architecture
ARCH 140 Introduction to CHIEF ARCHITECT
ARCH 161 Residential Print Reading
ARCH 162 Commercial Print Reading
ARCH 200 Principles of Architectural Design
ARCH 201 Residential Studio
ARCH 202 Commercial Studio
ARCH 203 Residential Renovation Studio
ARCH 204 Green Residential Studio
ARCH 210 Professional Practices for Architectural Design & Drafting
ARCH 224 Active and Passive Building Systems
ARCH 237 Introduction to Revit Architecture
ARCH 247 Intermediate Revit Architecture
ARCH 256 Detail Drawing with AutoCAD
ARCH 280 Cooperative Education:Architectural Design and Drafting