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CCOG for ARCH 224 Winter 2022

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ARCH 224
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Active and Passive Building Systems
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Course Description

Covers environmental building systems for residential applications and evaluation of building performance. Prerequisites: ARCH 101, ARCH 124. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

This course is intended to be an advanced course in the Architectural Design & Drafting program, and is required for the Associates degree.

Students who have a documented disability and require a classroom adjustment or accommodation should contact Disability Services www.pcc.edu/disability and provide the Approved Academic Accommodations letter to the Instructor.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  • Select and specify residential building systems and their components, while considering their interface with the building structure.
  • Analyze operational performance of residential buildings using a range of tools and calculators.
  • Evaluate the impact of building systems and materials on the natural environment.

Course Activities and Design

Course materials will be presented in a lecture and discussion format, using multimedia presentations (slides, models, overheads, videos, Powerpoint), showing examples of the various building systems and codes. These examples will be applied to residential and small commercial buildings. Discussions will be supplemented by field trips of built examples, and construction sites to examine structural, plumbing, and electrical systems during the construction process. Weekly assignments will provide an opportunity for student to apply class information to actual building examples, depicted in plans, elevations, photo reproduction. Short answer quizzes and a final exam will provide a summary of information covered during the term.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Student to demonstrate understanding of structural, plumbing, electrical, lighting systems, through selection, drawing, and sizing of systems for residences and small buildings. Student to demonstrate detailed understanding of building systems and components, through sizing of systems for residential, small commercial, and occupancy change examples. Student to create schematic design for passive solar application. Student ability to use terminology common to building industry, during class presentation and discussion. Student to demonstrate willingness and ability to work in small groups during class to provide input and solve in-class assignments, and articulate findings to class. Ability to demonstrate time management skills by completion of projects by assigned deadlines and by meeting specific objectives for each phase of project.