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CCOG for ARCH 210 Summer 2022

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ARCH 210
Course Title:
Professional Practices for Architectural Design & Drafting
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Course Description

Covers the business administration of the architectural design and drafting profession. Includes topics on project administration and management, contracts, project scheduling, permitting, coordination of consultants, business communications, marketing and portfolios, billing structures, ethics, liability, and legal considerations. Prerequisites: ARCH 101, ARCH 121, ARCH 132, and ARCH 161. Prerequisites/concurrent: ARCH 111. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

This course is a required for an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Architectural Design & Drafting and Interior Design. 

Transferability of credit depends entirely upon the institution to which the student wishes to transfer.  

Students who may have a disability and wish an accommodation should make arrangements to meet with the instructor outside of class to discuss specific requests.  Any request for accommodation may require that documentation of disability be reviewed by the Office for Students with Disabilities. 

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge of business practices unique to the architectural design and drafting profession.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of architectural project administration from contract signing through construction.
  3. Create a portfolio of work and resume for seeking employment.

Aspirational Goals

Students will become better prepared for interviews for employment, and have a stronger concept of how they fit into the architectural design/drafting workplace.

Students will start thinking about their personal career goals, and the professional sector they want to work in, resulting in appropriate resumes and portfolios.

Course Activities and Design

Field trips to construction sites, permit offices, architect’s office will provide actual exposure to professional practices; students will be assessed by their field trip logs and reports.

Student knowledge and understanding of professional practices will be assessed by application of the concepts to class projects and tests.

In-class time will be spent with mini lectures/slides, supported by small group discussions and problem solving.  Guest speakers and/or professional panels will provide students will “real-world” examples of professional practices.  Guest speakers will also present design concepts relative to portfolio design, and exemplar works will be shown and posted on the class D2L site.

Out-of-class time will be spent with assigned readings, creating a resume portfolio, and working on a term project.  

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Student to demonstrate understanding of class concepts through written construction observations, field trip reports, and mock contracts.

Students to demonstrate professional and design requirements for portfolios.  

Students to demonstrate willingness and ability to work in small groups during class to provide input and solve in-class assignments, and articulate finds to class.  

Students to demonstrate time management skills by completion of projects by assigned deadlines and by meeting specific objectives for each phase of class projects.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

  • Course materials and concepts will be presented in a lecture and discussion format, using multimedia presentations (slides, overheads, videos) showing examples of structural systems.
  • Students will work in small groups to apply concepts to examples, as related to professional practices.
  • Discussions will be supplemented by mock examples from professional practice, and students will practice application of class concept.
  • Tests will cover concepts from class and field trips.