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CCOG for ARCH 204 Winter 2022

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ARCH 204
Course Title:
Green Residential Studio
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Course Description

Covers advanced study of sustainable building design and systems, applied to residential buildings. Includes site analysis passive technologies, and use of sustainable building materials. Involves application of concepts applied to an actual house design in a studio format. Prerequisites: ARCH 101 or department approval for similar experience. Prerequisites/concurrent: ARCH 131 and ARCH 224, and ID 121; or instructor permission. Audit available.

Addendum to Course Description

The course will work towards describing a way that a building can strongly relate to site", climate, local building materials, and the sun.

Students who have a documented disability and require a classroom adjustment or accommodation should contact Disability Services www.pcc.edu/disability and provide the Approved Academic Accommodations letter to the Instructor.

Intended Outcomes for the course

o Examine and apply green building (environmentally responsible) principles and guidelines, and rating systems to residential design.
o Compare and communicate the benefits and disadvantages of passive and active systems, materials, strategies, and construction practices.
o Establish performance targets for energy and resource efficient solutions that minimize greenhouse gas emissions and environmental degradation.

Course Activities and Design

Course materials will be presented in a lecture and discussion format", using multimedia presentations (slides, overheads, videos, PowerPoint), showing examples of the various sustainable structures, retrofits, and systems.  These examples are applied to residential and small commercial buildings.  Discussions will be supplemented by fields trips to sites which display various sustainable structures and systems.  Weekly assignments will provide an opportunity for student to apply class information to variety of building types," and examine their own strategies for development of sustainable buildings and systems.  Class projects will provide summary and application form information covered during the term. 

Outcome Assessment Strategies

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