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Course Content and Outcomes Guide for AD 278 Effective Fall 2021

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AD 278
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Practicum Preparation
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Course Description

Develop an individualized plan to ensure readiness to begin practicum with an addiction counseling program. Prerequisites/concurrent: (AD 102 and AD 160) or (AD 150 and AD 151).

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Implement a plan for academic progress to complete a practicum and addiction counseling certification.
  • Build a cover letter and resume that is specific to addiction treatment.
  • Develop and employ a job search plan which includes identifying licensure requirements appropriate for an addiction treatment setting and utilizing interviewing skills. 

Course Activities and Design


Outcome 1: To implement a plan for academic progress to complete a practicum and addiction counseling certification, each student will:
A. Meet with Perkins advisor to update student’s academic plan.
B.  The student will demonstrate a clear understanding of the Practicum Objectives Contract. 
C. The student will clearly define the overlap between PCC program requirements and the requirements for the Mental Health & Addiction Counselor Certification Board of Oregon (MHACCBO) CADC I examination.
D.  Students will meet with Career Services staff to complete resume & cover letter.
E.  Student will demonstrate appropriate entry-level writing skills by producing a cover letter, resume related to the addiction counseling profession and then submit to instructor.

Outcome 3: Each student will enter their first site “workforce ready.”

A. Each student will be able to articulate appropriate professional standards for the addiction counseling profession.

B. Each student will list and define appropriate standards for attendance, dress and behavior within their professional work setting.

Outcome 4: The student will understand the requirements for Criminal History checks and expungement of criminal records.

A. Students who have criminal histories will be given an opportunity to prepare a portfolio for submission to the appropriate agency person to accelerate the background check approval process.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Complete acceptable addiction-counseling specific cover letter & resume.
Complete personal assessment related to workforce readiness.
A complete outline and description of the purpose of, and and processes required for, successful completion of 9 practicum credits for certificate or 18 practicum credits is submitted and approved.
Submit documents for MHACCBO pre-candidacy status 
Complete and accurate summary of the criminal history check and expungement requirements.

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

Themes: Importance of timely processes and documentation.
Workforce readiness skills
Criminal history and expungement process: requirements and steps.