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Course Content and Outcomes Guide for AD 105 Effective Fall 2021

Course Number:
AD 105
Course Title:
Aging & Addiction
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Course Description

Covers drug and alcohol addiction among older adults, including prescription and other drugs and alcohol, used either alone or in combination. Includes the higher risk factors aging adults face due to decreased tolerance to the effects of alcohol and other drugs. Addresses issues specific to aging, including late onset addiction, effects of use on performance of activities of daily living, treatment issues and co-occurring disorders such as depression or other chronic illnesses. Offers an intersectional perspective. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Upon completion of the course students should be able to:

  1. Assess factors concerning age-related changes pertaining to addiction including performance of activities of daily living and barriers to treatment.
  2. Analyze the effects in older adults of co-occurring disorders such as trauma, addiction, depression and other chronic illnesses.
  3. Examine aging and addiction issues from an intersectional perspective. Including the importance of trauma and wellness informed services.
  4. Distinguish and identify high risk factors in those who have late onset addiction, including reverse tolerance.
  5. Articulate the interaction of polypharmacy and the use of medication-assisted treatment in assisting aging adults to reduce the impact of substance-use disorders.

Outcome Assessment Strategies

1)     A variety of papers and assignments will be used to facilitate skill and knowledge acquisition.

2)     Quizzes and other types of objective tests may be used.