Course Content and Outcomes Guides (CCOG)

Course Content and Outcomes Guide for TA 253A Effective Fall 2019

Course Number:
TA 253A
Course Title:
Theatre Rehearsal and Performance
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Lecture Hours:
Lecture/Lab Hours:
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Course Description

Performance in a play. May be repeated. Audition required. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

The student will:

  • Exhibit understanding of theatre etiquette
  • Perform an assigned role
  • Rehearse and memorize a role and the blocking
  • Demonstrate an ensemble attitude

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Assessment may include:

  1. Evaluation of performance
  2. Shop-hour participation
  3. Ticket sales
  4. Assessment of preparation/rehearsal
  5. Fulfillment of contract

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

1. Appropriate use of relaxation and concentration
2. Analysis of script in preparation of a role
3. Team work
4. Collaboration
5. Performance/rehearsal etiquette
1.0 Auditioning
    1.1 Demonstrate an audition technique
    1.2 Use appropriate movement and diction
    1.3 Interpret character
2.0 Script/Character Development
    2.1 Memorize assigned role
    2.2 Develop blocking for scenes as directed
    2.3 Rehearse with cast as assigned
3.0 Blocking
    3.1 Portray a developed character in movement
    3.2 Use skills of natural movement
    3.3 Display blocking choices consistent with the script
    3.4 Demonstrate the partnership aspects of a scene (give-and-take)
4.0 Discipline and Commitment
    4.1 Demonstrate discipline and commitment throughout project
    4.2 Apply skills of focus
    4.3 Apply techniques built in rehearsal into the performance
    4.4 Perform role with knowledge and skill developed throughout the rehearsal process
    4.5 Meet all requirements of timeliness, memorization, shop hours, ticket sales