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CCOG for ENGR 222 Spring 2024

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Course Number:
ENGR 222
Course Title:
Electrical Circuits II
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Course Description

Covers RLC circuits, transformers, AC power, and three phase power. Explores steady state sinusoidal analysis and phasor techniques. Introduces the Laplace Transform. Also incorporated is circuit simulation, math analysis software, and laboratory experiments to solidify classroom theory and practice. Prerequisites: ENGR 221. Audit available.

Intended Outcomes for the course

Use appropriate circuit analysis techniques to analyze for AC and sinusoidal systems
Recognize and analyze 2nd order systems 85
Apply basic magnetic concepts to analyze magnetic circuit systems
Analyze power development and distribution systems

Outcome Assessment Strategies

Assessment methods are to be determined by the instructor. Typically, in class exams and quizzes, and homework assignments
will be used. Lab work is typically assessed by a lab notebook, formal lab reports, performance of experiments, and possibly a lab

Course Content (Themes, Concepts, Issues and Skills)

1. Steady-State Sinusoidal Circuit Analysis
     a. Sinusoidal sources
     b. Frequency, period, phase, and amplitude of sinusoidal sources
     c. Complex algebra and phasors
     d. Impedance and admittance
     e. Node voltage and mesh current analysis
     f. Thevenin, Norton, and superposition methods
     g. Power in steady-state sinusoidal circuits
     h. Introduction to balanced three phase circuits

2.    Natural and step Response of RLC circuit   
   1. Solving the second order differential equation
   2. Natural and step response of the series and parallel RLC circuit
   3. Forms of response: critically-damped, under-damped, and over-damped
3.    Introduction to the Laplace Transform
   1. Definition of the Laplace Transform
   2. Step and impulse functions
   3. Functional and operational Laplace Transforms
   4. Inverse transforms