Pamela Green

Born in Los Angeles, Pamela Green studied at Otis College of Art and Design, during which she was also studio assistant to Los Angeles artist Tom Wudl, whose intense scrutiny of plant forms may be an influence.

Green has had numerous exhibitions in Portland, at Beet Gallery and at Augen Gallery, which has represented her work since 2014.

Green’s drawings show an intense scrutiny of subject, whether she is focusing on the human figure or on a solitary tree (her favorite is the Bristlecone Pine).  The two drawings in the Rock Creek collection are life-size standing figures from the late 1990’s in the unforgiving medium of colored pencil on brown paper.  Green’s more recent work, done on a much smaller scale, are dense but delicate ink drawings which easily could be  mistaken for etchings.  They frequently show a solitary figure wandering through a desolate landscape with a mysterious narrative implication.