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Landform Sculpture by Ben Buswell -  3-D Design Class Spring 2012

  • Title: Landform Sculpture
  • Artist: Ben Buswell -  3-D Design Class Spring 2012
  • Medium: Earth and wood
  • Creation date: 2012
  • Added to collection: 2012
  • Donor: Gift of the artists
  • Campus: Rock Creek
  • Location: The Learning Garden

"The Nest" is meant to create a place of rest in the Learning Garden. Viewers approaching from the garden side enter a semi-private space and are offered a view of the garden and the hill to the west. Continuing through the central arch, viewers enter a more private space that opens on the adjoining apple trees and field where animals pasture. "The Nest" is made from reclaimed branches that provide habitat for small birds and, like the Learning Garden, create a useful man-made structure from natural materials.

Student Design Team: Conrad Crespin, Serena Engquist, Nam Phan, Tyler Warren

Student Build Team: Conrad Crespin, Joe Davey, Serena Engquist, Nikki Harding, Jacob Hartman, Keith Merrow, Sarah Palmer, Nam Phan, Juan Rios, Roberto Solis, Echo Stickland, Iris Teeuwen, Maria Velazquez, Tyler Warren, Megan Zerwas

Student Project Assistant: Phillip Thomas